Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to Providence

I woke up this morning feeling nostalgic. It has been awhile since we've all been together. So, I pulled out the photo album (um, opened my desktop) and took a trip to Providence to revisit the wedding of our son and his sweetheart last autumn.

Providence, R.I. at Dusk

At any time of day, Providence is a lovely old city. It's somewhat of a miniature Boston but much more car friendly, with easy to find streets that end abruptly, and long, unplanned drives, looking for elusive addresses. It also serves up charming boutique hotels, marvelous museums, delicious restaurants, good shopping venues and the sea. One is never far from the coast in Rhode Island.

First Unitarian Church, Providence, R.I. circa 1795

The Sanctuary

As I waited for the ceremony to begin, I pondered all the ceremonies that had come in the centuries before. There's something about gathering in a church that has stood for well over two hundred years. So much has transpired within those walls.

An overwhelming joy swirled about me as I watched our family grow by one more lovely and welcome addition. So many family members and good friends had traveled from around the country to be a part of the day. I felt grateful and loved.

Congratulations and Best Wishes

The Brown University Faculty Club

Just the two of them reflecting on the day, their ceremony and waiting to greet their guests.

Purple Lisianthus

Warmth from Within

We toasted and dined. The food was delicious and graciously served. We visited and laughed and danced by the light of the moon.

There, I feel better now.


  1. What beautiful photos and a gorgeous old church. And, I lived in Highland Park years ago. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize it. I was there about two years ago but not in the downtown area. It sounds nice!

  2. their wedding looked beautiful! The church is so pretty. I have never been to that part of the east coast, I would really love to. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

  3. What beautiful memories -- thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. what a beautiful area, I'd love to visit RI. Looks like a very nice wedding too.

  5. What beautiful photos. I always think about what has occurred in building before, too. Ceremonies, etc.

  6. You have a way of embracing your readers. these pictures are beautiful. Happy to have gone down memory lane with you.

    P.s.(by the way I didn't run into Andrea, but I did see the beautiful tuscan region where he grew up, his hometown Lajatico wasn't too far from San Gimignano)

  7. Thanks for your kind comments.


  8. I LOVE Providence...I have been to RI only once but seriously have a place in my heart for such a beautiful city.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  9. What a beautiful church and wedding. Those purple flowers are gorgeous too!


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