Saturday, May 1, 2010


I made a trip back to LE Gardens this morning. It's a source of excellent plants and a beautiful spot to visit. I have high hopes for a nice harvest of:

Strawberries. I envision putting up jam for our winter treat and for gifting, strawberry pies, strawberry shortcake and lots of juicy red berries to toss into salads.

Herbs. It was hard to leave any of these healthy plants at the nursery. Limited by space,

I chose tarragon, rosemary, flat leaf parsley, spearmint, basil (lots) and sage for now.

They are all planted.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

I'm exhausted. Farming is hard work!


  1. Here it's Income Tax day, though we had frost warnings this week, the night the extra blanket went on. Love all your photos the past couple of days and that soup recipe looks interesting, and probably delicious. I may try it. From the looks of the recipe, you've made it more than once! Rest up after all that gardening.
    I wonder if you have knock out roses up there or if they are just for the southern heat. Very hearty.

  2. That is great. Good luck with your garden. Cheers!

  3. I'd love to plant a ton of herbs myself! Great pictures, thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I "farmed" today too - and now I'm resting. Your plant choices are great.

  5. I hope you put your mint in it's very only special, super enclosed spot!

  6. Looks like you had a very productive day... We are on the way to the beach --and stopped off at a wonderful produce market in GA today.. They had fresh strawberries --and we HAD to have some... SO DELICIOUS...

    Have a great week.

  7. Well, I'm chuckling as I read this! What a clever post. The herbs sound so fantastic, I think I can actually small each one now; I know I can! You've planted the herbs outside? Some people have a little herb garden on the kitchen window sill, guess it all depends on your light and how much room you have. Wasn't it you who was telling me about the Richmond Whole Foods? We just got back from there, didn't have time to shop there, but tried their fresh baked pizza and the turkey and rice soup from the soup bar. Both were very yummy. The pizza was so fresh from the garden tasting and good. Good or better than a pizza chain.

  8. I am actually going to be buying my herbs today - we tried doing a garden for several years, but the deer and bunnies always got the bounty before we did!

  9. Very inspiring post! Like you, I love looking over the herbs at the greenhouse. I bring them home, plant them, but only seem to use the basil! It's still great fun to have an herb garden.


  10. Farming is hard work!!!! I planted today as well. I'm waiting until mid to late May to plant my basil -- it likes hot weather and it's been too cool here! I also want to get a couple of other annuals.

    My perennials herbs are doing well and growing by leaps and bounds!

    I have a nice bed of those little french strawberries Just enough, so far, for me!

  11. Farming/gardening really is hard work, but I love picking my own herbs! I can't say I am an expert, but it's been fun so far. Keep us posted!

  12. It is hard work and some Mondays, depending on what I've been doing in the garden on Sunday, I'm a bit stiff when moving around. Gardening is great exercise too!

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  14. bummer, I had to correct my spelling and they would not let me..

    Here we go again.

    Oh wow, all that gardening sure took the jingle out of my step, and I was just reading about it. I do hope you have a bumper crop, nothing like having freshness out your back door.

    "Y" shucks hunny-pie, I am so glad you stopped in to say hello.... I am so delighted I have the vapors. I can give you all the "shucks-dang", "Hog Heaven", "Y'all come back Ya-hear" till the cows come home if that will make you feel less lonely for the south. You drop by my place for some tea and we will sit-a-spell out on the veranda. BUT! I don't drink sweet tea.. I know.. I know... That is a sin here in the south, I need to keep that quiet or they will run me out of town or dunk me in that new aquarium.

    So mozie on down to my place anytime hunny-lam, my door is open.

    Blessins' to you and yern...

    Have you had enough??? I can come up with a few more..... know whatta' mean?

    Tammy (grinnin')


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