Friday, June 4, 2010

RePa* Recipe-Pizza(ish)


Late spring brings spring cleaning. My spring cleaning includes cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator. A full day of yard work led to putting together a meal from the latter two areas.

The pantry held a package of two whole grain pizza crusts from Whole Foods. I brushed one crust with olive oil. There was just enough hummus in the refrigerator to spread over the crust before topping with a sprinkling of marinated artichoke hearts, sliced cherry tomatoes and chopped fresh basil from the garden. I found a small piece of piave cheese to shave over the top. Piave is similar to a young parmigiano reggiano. I dusted freshly grated parmesan over all and baked in a 400 degree over until the cheeses had melted, about ten minutes.

The crisper yielded a small amount of frisee and one nice Belgian endive. I dressed the salad with a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice and added grated parmesan.

It was actually quite tasty.

Enjoy! Have a good weekend.


  1. Now that looks like a great meal for a weary yard-worker!


  2. Why do your cleaning out of the pantry and refrigerator look so much more appetizing than mine would be? You are creative, that is why!! Love your "put together" dinner.

  3. Oh YUM! They both look so good!! I've never been able to find frisee anywhere, when we next go to C'Ville, I'll peek into Whole Foods and see if they have any yet. I've always wanted to try it. Also, I've never heard of thet cheese that's like parmesan, and I read about and use lots of different cheeses! Why is that? How does it compare in taste and price? Did you get it at Whole Foods?

  4. I love improvised meals like this! Your pizzas look amazing.

  5. You hear that banging on your door!!! that is me!! Do you have any leftovers?

    You make it look like a piece of art that needs to be framed.

  6. Sounds delish! Have a nice weekend. Carla

  7. Very creative, Bonnie.... AND--it is healthy... I hate to admit it--but we are meat-lover pizza people... Yours is much better healthwise though..

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. We want to see pictures of those fabulous aprons!


  9. Very simple and delicious meal!

  10. I am about to go make a similar pizza! Yours looks so delicious. You have a nice weekend!


  11. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments about my blog.
    YOur pizza looks great, and the presentation on that lovely platter looks awesome. I love discovering new blogs and I'm now off to visit more of yours. Take care!

  12. I think you are brilliant! Spontaneous deliciousness!

  13. oh yeah!! hummus and artichoke hearts, now thats a wonderful pizza!
    piave was a nice choice of cheese...
    you created a masterpiece!!

  14. Unique and delicious toppings to a healthy whole grain pizza. I love it!

  15. All I need is my fork. what a lovely meal.

  16. Looks so good!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  17. What a creative pizza, Bonnie...I've never heard of piave cheese but I love parmigiano reggiano!

    I didn't know there was a Rhode Island version of clam chowder, either. Thanks for telling me.
    I learn soooo much blogging. :-)

    Pretty placemat, too & I love seeing the shot of your house. That HUGE fern on the front porch is spectacular!!!

  18. OhMy, this looks fabulous! I will have to go looking for my pizza dough recipe! :)
    Hope your weekend is full of joy,

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  20. That looks divine to me. I love the pizza combination --

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  22. This looks like such a wonderful fresh and bright summer pizza!


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