Sunday, July 4, 2010


What to do when a friend shows up with a few quarts of blueberries....

make Shenandoah Valley Blueberry Cake.

Last week I opened the door to my friend, Diana. She was holding a large container filled with plump blueberries fresh off the bush. We had a nice visit and she met Oliver. He welcomed her warmly with wags. I knew he was eyeing those blueberries as well.

I have to say that we polished off at least half of those berries au naturel and by the handful. But, I had seen a delicious looking blueberry cake over on another blog. A word of warning, before you travel to this blog, have something to eat. Monica's offerings are amazing and, coupled with her photography, one just gets weak in the knees for want of a bite--or two. She made the Shenandoah Blueberry Cake for Father's Day. You'll have to read back a few entries to Sunday, June 20. I promise it will be a delicious read.

Here's Monica at Lick The Bowl Good and enjoy your visit.


  1. Love blueberries - we have tons of blackberry bushes, but no blueberry. I just bought 3 bushes, and hopefully, next year they might produce at least handful of berries!!!! Happy Fourth!!!

  2. My mouth is watering-those look so good!!!! And they're so good for you, so no guilt! I'm on my way to see Monica, thanks for the intro...

  3. Our blueberries are ripe now and so wonderful. I've been eating them right out of the fridge everytime I pass by. I'll try the cake as well.

  4. O.K. let's get to the most important question, did Oliver like the blueberries? When you said you ate them by the handful, did you mean you and your friend, or Oliver? Gosh, the recipe lady has almost 700 followers!!! But what a grewat food blog, I'm already trying one of her sandwiches!

  5. I love blueberries, fresh and in anything and everything!

  6. Our truckloads of blueberries are not at our doorstep yet! For now I'm still enjoying them on their own.
    Can't wait to start baking with them ;o)
    Your dessert looks so yummy.

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  7. my taste buds are hurting with wanting a piece of that cake, it is beautiful and i do love blueberries. they are really expensive in the stores right now. i love all cake/pie made with any kind of berry. yummy post

  8. I'm a sucker for anything blueberry. Looks divine!

  9. What a delicious cake. I would really enjoy a slice (or 2) for breakfast.

  10. friends show up with zucchini and cucumbers. Yours show up with blueberries? Lucky, lucky gal!

    Great looking blueberry cake...just beautiful.

  11. I just made a blueberry pie last Thursday, to take to Lake Tahoe with us. It turned out so good, and there is a bit left over for us still tonight.
    Your treat looks good!

    Let me know what you make first out of your new cookbooks :)

  12. Thanks for the blog link -- I visited and it looks fantastic! I've printed out the blueberry cake recipe and am thinking about making it tomorrow morning --

  13. oh yummy! You're making me wish I had another slice of this. So jealous of your fresh off the bush blueberries. Did you like the cake?

    And do you mind sharing your friend's blueberry pie recipe?

    Thanks for linking back to my blog. I appreciate your compliments :-)


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