Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Stroll About Town

I just looked at the thermometer-70 degrees! The sun is shining. The birds are tweeting. It's a good day to take you for a stroll around my neighborhood.

We'll start on the square because I want to show you the courthouse. I'm not photo talented enough to get a complete image of the "Grand Old Lady". This is the Main Street entrance. Inside are shops, restaurants and a museum. There's a beautiful ballroom as well. Back in the day, our town was known as "The Gretna Green of the Midwest". Rudolph Valentino, Tom Mix, Joe DiMaggio, Red Skelton and Cassius Clay were a few of the notables who wed here.

Just south of the square sits the Carnegie Library circa 1906. It was added onto (behind) in the early 1970s and there are plans (more about that in another post--hopefully very soon) for a new library just north of the square. The Carnegie part of the library houses the administration offices. It is quite spectacular and the Library Trustees are committed to preserving the historic structure.

This grand old lady sits diagonally across the street from us. Built in the late 1900s, it is still owned by a member of the original family. They owned a large lumber yard which is still in operation.

Known as "The Sheriff's House", this was the home of Lillian Holley. She was the sheriff (having taken over after her husband was killed in the line of duty) on whose "watch" John Dillinger escaped from the local jail (see "Public Enemy" with Johnny Depp). Dillinger stole her brand new Ford and headed into the city and his final destination!

This home sits a few houses south of me. There was an auction there last Saturday. The elderly couple, now in a retirement facility, decided to have an estate auction while they could still attend and see who purchased their treasures. It was bittersweet.

This home is quite spectacular year around but at Halloween it really stands out. The owner does an outstanding job with ghosties and goblins.

I wish I could show you the gardens of this house. They've been featured in a number of magazines in the past few years. It sits one house south of me so I treat the gardens as if they were my own!!

Let's stop now and visit over coffee.


  1. Hi Bonnie - Thanks for this lovely tour of your town. I love the architecture and all those wonderful porches.

  2. What a beautiful community. The architecture is wonderful and the stroll was like a walk back in time. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I wish our town had more stately homes and buildings like the ones you pictured.
    I had so much fun when I visited my dad in St. John a while back.
    Love all the architecture in Chicago too!!

  4. Thanks for the tour. The houses are lovely.

  5. I'm glad you've been taking the time to take in the beauty of your town...and of course sharing it with us too ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  6. Wow! I wish my neighborhood had such history and was as blogworthy! I love these buildings, but frankly I love your stories even more! A lot of important stuff happened in your town, who knew? Each building with it's own history. When we drive around, I always wonder about the history of certain houses, and who lives in them now, etc...a great post, but now when is your porch coming?

  7. Thanks for the photo tour and history lesson! I loved it. Beautiful old houses.

  8. what a great tour of your town! thanks so much for sharing all of those wonderful photo's! and 70 degrees, don't I wish!! its been in the 90's almost every day!

  9. oh what a lovely neighborhood. I enjoyed all the beautiful homes. By the way, congratulations on the new family member. Now there are sweet. What a joy!

  10. What a gorgeous town! Love that all the houses are different.

    Thanks for sharing Bonnie!

  11. Hi Bonnie, thanks so much for the tour! I love Victorians, they are my favorite type of architecture.


  12. What beautiful buildings and homes. I love the history that surrounds you, how neat to be a part of it. It is sad that the couple have to sell off their things. One of the worst things of getting older, to me, is that people work hard all their lives only to become infirm and have to give up what they've built...hopefully they got to see their things go to people who will care for them the way their owners would have...

  13. What a great walk through you home. Thanks

  14. What a lovely blog you have! love it
    So cozy here.
    Your macaroons are really fantastic with that cup of tea; just what I needed right now; thank you.
    I will be back.

  15. Wow, what a beautiful neighborhood you live in! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous sights!

  16. Beautiful- I love old houses and wish I could live in one, but the husband says "no way!".


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