Monday, August 9, 2010

Ennui, Torpor, Listlessness and Smoked Trout Mousse

It's back! Heat and humidity!! When I stepped out to harvest some herbs, my hair "sprung" into wild waves of--well, wild waves. I learned the art of languid living from our days in Charleston, S.C.. A glass of sweet iced tea, a good book and a Pawley's Island hammock strung between two live oaks. Alas, there are no live oaks in the upper midwest. There is no place in our small, hidden garden for the hammock. There was the lure of the front porch until I remembered that our usually quiet street was filled with bumper-to-bumper Fair traffic. Ennui, torpor, listlessness--I'm not sure what best describes my state of being today.

I was, however, committed to taking an appetizer to a late afternoon gathering. I had no desire to get into a hot car. I had no desire to find my way to the grocery store. I had no desire to have anyone stare at my wildly "sprung" hair. I did have a husband who had to make a trip to the hardware store close by the grocery store. I prevailed upon him to pick me up some heavy cream.

Now, before you balk at the two cups of heavy cream in this recipe, remember that you are (well, I was) in a group of ladies who are constantly dieting and none of you will take more than two tablespoons of this delicious treat (at least not while others are watching). Or, you might heed the words of Ina Garten: "How bad can that be?" Whatever you do can be your little secret. This is a simple and quite delicious offering.


1 pound smoked rainbow trout
1 tbsp chopped scallions
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
2 tsp chopped fresh dill
1 tbsp unflavored gelatin
2 cups heavy cream

Remove the skin from the rainbow trout (if you can't find rainbow trout, any smoked trout will do) and puree it in a food processor along with the scallions and the seasonings.

Dissolve the gelatin in the cream and heat to just warm to ensure that the gelatin is dissolved and not grainy. Add the gelatin/cream mixture to the trout mixture and process for 5 to 6 seconds. Pour into a serving bowl and chill for at least 5 hours before serving.

Serve with sliced and toasted French bread or crackers.

Enjoy and keep cool!


  1. Mmm. Trout. I don't eat trout enough.

    I also don't use the words "ennui" or "torpor" enough. I will use them in a sentence today.

  2. Heat and humidity take the starch right out of me too. This lovely mousse is the perfect appetizer on a hot day.

  3. This mousse sounds very, very fancy. Love it!

    Will you be around this evening for a chat?

  4. Torpor--that is such a cool word. Plus, you quote the wisdom of Ina--so much greatness in one post!

  5. The weather about did me in yesterday too! This sounds just wonderful. I always keep a little heavy cream in the frige ;~) sometimes you just have to go all the way.

  6. I love smoked fish in anything. Your mousse sounds fantastic and is perfect for a warm day. Stay cool. Blessings...Mary

  7. Mmmmmm.... tasty treat! And, the beet salad from a prior post sounds like it would just hit the spot! I hope the trout mousse soothed your listless soul. ;)

  8. Your recipes always look so yummy, Bonnie... My Daddy used to go trout fishing --and we loved eating that fresh fish...

    Thanks for the recipe... Hope you are doing well.

  9. Oh, my, this looks lovely, and perfect for a hot day! SO funny! Phil & I were juat talking in the car about this southern humidity, and joking. I was saying we were filled with langour, torpor, and ennui. Not even enough energy to take down the drapes and make a ball gown from them!! Pass the iced-tea!! Your post is perfect for a hot summer day. It has made me laugh, and salivate!!!!

  10. I have been going through friends blogs and i am feeling very negative and pointless today. when i read your words
    Ennui, torpor, listlessness--I'm not sure what best describes my state of being today

    i thought she hit the nail on the head. so i am hear to say i will be back when i don't feel that way.

  11. Heat and humidity are rampant here as well. That sweet tea in a hammock would be refreshing but there's not a whisper of a breeze to be found. Your trout mousse sounds like a wonderful dish for an afternoon gathering- and there's a minimum of heat involved to prepare it. Lovely! (And I do also love your vocabulary refresher!)

  12. Yummmm, I'm with you on the cream AND the hair waving in the humidity. I turn into a monster. Lucky me, I too have a husband who'll make it to the store for me when I just can't stand to do it.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. Today was the hotest for us! Your mousse looks really nice.

  14. I will definitely be trying your Smoked Trout Mousee. I do a salmon "pate" a little like this and it's good too.
    Thanks for visiting today. Actually my new banner is not too complicated. I've picked up a lot of really helpful tips at "BetweenNapsonthePorch." She has one section of "helpful blog tips" that I've found very helpful. Also, her instructions for the Tablescapes is very straighforward too. Happy Blogging!

  15. The bowl color alone is a thing of beauty! (I'm obviously a decorator and not a cook!)

  16. Yummy! It is unbearably hot here, too, so I understand what you mean about not wanting to do anything. Days like these take the energy right out of me! Carla

  17. Wow, what a great and versatile recipe. I will definitely make this when summer arrives-it will be a fabulous appetizer for holiday parties!

    Best wishes,

  18. Oh boy, I KNOW I would love this! Thanks for visiting with me. Bloomingdales used to be Robinson May's. Ring any bells?

  19. We smoke our own trout and usually eat it with cheese and crackers. I'm going to try this recipe - looks delish!


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