Thursday, March 25, 2010

Re/Pa* Recipe

*Refrigerator/Pantry Recipes

I have pulled together some delicious meals from what I have on hand. I have pulled together some really strange meals as well. Fortunately, today's gleanings from the refrigerator and pantry provided us with a tasty lunch.

Have you seen the new Deli Flat Breads from Pepperidge Farm? They are quite tasty and allow the filling to be the diva in the sandwich. I had a package in the freezer that I picked up at the market a few weeks ago. The cheese drawer had a big hunk of provolone. The crisper held a few leftover mushrooms and two green onions.

I seasoned the mushrooms and onions with a little salt and pepper and lightly sauteed them in olive oil.

I put thinly sliced provolone on both sides of the bread and added a generous portion of the sauteed onions and mushrooms. The sandwiches were then browned in a little more olive oil until the cheese started to ooze out.

A simple salad added the right touch for a simply delicious lunch.

I'm going to keep these delicious little breads in the freezer and try different fillings. Maybe a base for individual sandwich pizzas? We'll see what's in the Re/Pa next time.