Monday, April 19, 2010

Re/Pa* Recipe II

*Refrigerator/Pantry Recipes

We are soup lovers. In summer, there's usually a cold beet soup, cucumber soup or gazpacho in the refrigerator. Winters find hearty soups in many forms bubbling away on the stove. And, in the spring, before letting go of those hearty bowls, I find myself wanting lighter, still warm soups.

A check in the refrigerator found a bit of leftover roast chicken, a handful of mushrooms, three scallions and a tub of red miso.

I heated a quart of chicken stock and decided that instead of sauteing the vegetables first, I'd just add them to the simmering stock for a fresher taste. The mushrooms went in first for about three minutes, then the onions for another two minutes. I added the chicken (about a cup) just long enough to heat. Lastly, in went three tablespoons of miso. Don't let the pot boil after adding the miso but stir it in well as it takes a minute of two to fully incorporate.

The Re/Pa gleaning gave us three bowlfuls. Had a poor wayfaring stranger arrived at the door, it could have been stretched to four!