Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Market

We spent some time at the Saturday farmers' market. It was hot and muggy and made my hair curl and my glasses fog over.

Who needs new when you have Old Blue?

Old Blue brought along a cart filled with garden plants.

Luscious strawberries from a nearby farm are now sitting in a berry bowl on my kitchen counter.

Hanging baskets in pink and blue and yellow and purple and red and many shades of green.

Neighbors greeting neighbors after a long winter. Several people asked about our Argos. The community misses seeing him on his daily walk with his master.

The brick building in the background is the old jail. It's the actual jail that John Dillinger escaped from (as did Johnny Depp in Public Enemy) before heading off to Chicago and the Biograph Theater. Johnny was very friendly during his filming visit and stayed late after his final take to shake hands and mingle.

These were calling out to me but we've run out of ground space!

The colors of sunshine! I'm sure we'll see them as we go about the neighborhood later this summer.