Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coffee and Conversation

Andrew and I had breakfast at Julius Meinl this morning.

Not this one in Vienna. It would have been nice. However, we went to the one on Southport in Chicago. It's been here a number of years. Shortly after it opened, we took our dear Hungarian friend, Judith. She was in tears. Apparently it was exactly like the one in Vienna (where Judith spent a number of years as a reporter just after WWII). The only thing missing, she said, was the smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes. We were grateful that smoking was not a part of our experience. We sipped coffee as she regaled us with what life had been like during that time. Sadly, Judith passed away a few years back. We remembered our time with her today as we once again sipped strong, hot coffee.

The coffee arrives on a small silver tray, steaming hot and strong, with thick cream, a small glass of water (according to Judith to cool and weaken the brew for those who desire) and a small sweet biscuit.

And this is how I like mine--the luscious cream added!

We had a lovely dish of eggs baked in rosti and topped with emmentaler cheese.

For the warmer days ahead, I leave you with this recipe for a delicious (and not low calorie) iced coffee. It's not from the kitchen of Julius Meinl but from the kitchen of a dear friend.


6 cups very strong, hot coffee
3 - 4 cups of sugar
1 quart half and half
1/2 gallon whole milk
4 teaspoons vanilla

Dissolve the sugar in the hot coffee and cool.

Stir in the half and half, milk and vanilla.


Remove from freezer 2 hours prior to serving. Crush/slush with large metal spoon. Voila--your very own caffecino!