Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Play Date

My good friend came down from Wisconsin for a visit. Barbara and I met in Charleston, S.C. when our sons became friends in second grade. The boys enjoyed one another's company for a few years and moved on. Barbara and I have remained good friends through many moves. We trade visits each June. This summer was her turn to visit me.

Through the years, she has been my crafting mentor. We've made baskets, books, jewelry, collages, and lovely memories. She is the creative one. I am the eager assistant. This visit, I dusted off my infrequently used Singer. We went to JoAnn's for colorful cotton fabric and got down to the business of making aprons.

I couldn't resist this cheerful cherry print. Yes, I did almost all of the sewing. Barbara was kind enough to cut the fabric after seeing the look of panic on my face when faced with the task.

Look carefully at the white rickrack trim. I even accomplished that fete. Love the finished apron!! Then it was my turn to cut and sew a duplicate in an aqua fabric. I did it!

Barbara insisted on utilizing an extra piece of fabric to make a bag for my self-healing cutting board. I have to admit that I didn't know it was self-healing--or, what it was really for until she explained it to me. A sewing friend from the past had suggested I purchase one. It's been here for several years, unused.

I'll show you some of our other projects another time.

When not sewing, we had lovely lunches around town, visited The Artful Garden and chatted, chatted, chatted. It was a time of catching up.

On the way back to the South Shore Train this morning, we stopped at JoAnn's for a piece of fabric. My "assignment" is to turn that fabric into napkins. The Singer is still out. The bobbin is full--that's another task that causes me great angst.

Now I must get back to the chores at hand. First I need to make dinner. I think I'll wear the cherry apron.