Friday, July 23, 2010

Simply Steamed Carrots

It's in the mid-nineties outside. The humidity is so high you can feel the air you breathe. Andrew took Oliver for an early morning walk and they both came back with their tongues hanging out and panting! I'm staying in and cool!!!!!

Andrew is using a really old fashioned recipe to prepare rib eyes for our dinner. In fact, the recipe is claimed to be over a thousand years old. If it's good, I'll share it with you.

This is what I'm making to accompany the steak and oven roasted potatoes.


1 pound baby carrots

Steam the carrots for approximately eight minutes or until al dente.

Just before serving, toss with a good olive oil and heat in a saute pan.

Sprinkle with fleur de sel. My favorite is Le Salinier de Carmargue.