Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tomato Sandwich = Happiness!

We awoke to sunshine and a promise of more heat and humidity. As the coffee brewed, I quickly dressed because the farmers' market awaited. Alas, before I finished my first cup--while checking my favorite blogs--the sky darkened and rain started to fall. Soon, master and dalmatian returned from their walk. They were a soggy twosome. Oliver shook off the rain and Andrew changed clothes. We waited. I had another cup of coffee. Surely the farmers were at the market and setting up when the deluge started. They just had to be there. When the rain slowed, we grabbed market bags and umbrellas and headed up to the square.

These lisianthus were the first to catch my eye. The purple ones took me back to September of last year and Providence, RI. I saw my sweet, almost daughter-in-love walking down the aisle with a great bunch of the purple ones in her hand.

And then, next to catch my eye--TOMATOES! Yes, the very first locally grown of the season. JOY!

This basket of beauties is but a few to come home with us. Once I started picking them up, I seemed unstoppable. I'm sure that Linda, our favorite vegetable purveyor, wondered just how many tomatoes two people could consume in one week. She need not worry. I came right home and prepared a little brunch.


One slice of Naan
spread with a little mayonnaise
heat 5 minutes in a 350 degree oven
top with as many sliced tomatoes as it will hold
sprinkle with fresh basil

Repeat as often as you like!!