Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deconstructed BLTs, Cabinet Painting and Helpful Hands

I tip my hat to those who make it through an entire kitchen renovation. Who knew what havoc a simple cabinet painting could create? All the cabinet doors are away at the painter's shop. What was behind those doors is revealed to the world right now and it's not pretty!

All the needful appliances are strewn about the dining room. All the utensils that were stored in drawers are hidden no more. They are strewn about the all-purpose room (breakfast nook, simple supper dining area, computer room, etc.). The bacon for our deconstructed BLT last evening almost burned because I couldn't remember where the tongs were residing at the moment.

The painter is slow and methodical--perfect! And, while he works on the base cabinets, he regales me with stories about our neighborhood. He's lived in this town all of his 68 years. In fact, he lives in the house his grandfather built. I have a list of questions regarding local lore that I plan to ask him over the next few days.

Let me tell you about our deconstructed BLT. I had some more of the naan in the freezer and some of those lovely tomatoes (artfully displayed on the living room coffee table--remember the kitchen is being painted). I refreshed the naan in the toaster oven (in the dining room) and topped it with a variety of tomato slices which I marinated in a balsamic and olive oil dressing. I added some torn fresh basil, crumbled bacon and bleu cheese. It was beautiful (I couldn't find the camera for a photo) and quite tasty.

And when all is finished, I'm going out and flag down....