Monday, August 2, 2010

Going Home--A Nostalgic Trip

Having done all I can do in the kitchen until the cabinet doors come home, I took a little time this morning for nostalgia. I found an online postcard site with views of my hometown and decided to put together an armchair trip down memory lane. It wasn't until I had uploaded all these photos from old postcards that I realized they were totally out of the order I wanted them in. Enjoy the randomness, please.

In the beginning.....I wasn't a part of it!

I believe that Romper Room was local but am not sure. I always strived to be a "Do Bee" but didn't always achieve that goal. I loved the milk and cookies part and insisted that my mother serve me in front of the television just as Miss Frances (?) did.

Roanoke was the headquarters for the Norfolk and Western Railroad. Steam engines were built and serviced at Roanoke's Schaffer's Crossing back in the day.

Downtown Jefferson Street and the main library.

We spent many fun days at the Mill Mountain Zoo and especially loved riding the zoo train.

Texas Tavern is still serving hot dogs downtown. We were never allowed to eat there and, to this day, I have never entered the door. Lots of folks do and it is a local eatery attraction and destination.

We did enjoy many burgers at Kenney Burger. It left when the Golden Arches arrived.

Heironimus nicely clothed us for back to school each summer. Long gone, alas!

My grandmother frequently took my sisters and me to tea at the Miller and Rhodes Tearoom. It was a very special experience.

Elmwood park in downtown Roanoke.

Hotel Roanoke. The grand old lady is now owned and operated by Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech/VPI depending on your generation) and provides their hotel and restaurant management students practical experience.

Jefferson Street and Campbell Avenue--still the heart of downtown. I've watched many Christmas parades at this corner.

Jefferson Hospital. The fact that I was born here did not keep it from being torn down.

Clark Avenue in Old Southwest Roanoke.

Jefferson Senior High School. The fact that I graduated from here has kept it alive and in good repair. It now houses the Roanoke Symphony and they perform in it's lovely old auditorium. Alas, the auditorium is now carpeted. No more rolling of marbles from the back rows during study hall. The cafeteria and gym are available for banquets and receptions.

The American Theater where my graduation was held. It has given way to multiplex theaters in the suburbs.

The Norfolk and Western Passenger Station is now home to a museum. My family traveled far and wide from this station.

Woodrum Field, Roanoke's airport.

And that concludes my hometown tour. The photos are courtesy of Roanoke Postcards online.