Monday, August 16, 2010

A Chick in the Nest

Eldest son arrived yesterday afternoon. Due to a nice "tailwind", he arrived thirty minutes ahead of time!! And, even better, he ran into dear friends of ours at the airport, had a nice in-air visit with them and they delivered him right to our door!

Californian that he now is (well, come to think of it, he was actually born there a few decades back), he was happy to see lots of fruit--fruit from nearby farms (with the exception of the bananas) and orchards. I must say that the apricots have been delicious this year. Too many times they are lovely to look at but not so tasty.

He was also happy to find the guest room ready for his tired bones.

I'm waiting for him to wake up so that I can make him breakfast.

NOTE: Today's temperature--high 81--JOY!