Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Pressed "Purchase" and Autumn Salads

When all the information is filled in for airline tickets to Belize or Rotterdam or Hoboken, I have a hard time pressing the "purchase" button.  When my order from Penzey's Spices is completely filled out and checked three times, I have a hard time pressing the "purchase" button.  When......well, I'm sure you get the picture.

So it was no surprise that my finger waivered over this "purchase".

But I did it!  I pressed "purchase".  I printed out the purchase order.  I am sure that it is being boxed and rushed to the post office or UPS or FedEx at this very moment.  And I'm sure all of you are anxious to view my first photos.  I'm equally sure that you are hoping I'll stop with all the camera talk and move on to some other subject.  

Fear not, I'm moving on to farewell to summer salads and hello to autumn salads next week or just as soon as the camera arrives.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend filled with good food and good friends!!