Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Explanation


Now that I have your attention, there's a family story behind this goblet.  I can't prove the authenticity of the tale but my family is not given to embellishing the truth--much.

This lovely piece of crystal is Waterford.  The story is that a young(er) Queen E.  ordered a mega bunch of this style (which has no name known to me) for a little dinner party she was throwing for about a hundred (o.k., I made that part up) of her closest friends at the castle.  When they arrived and were unpacked, the queen noticed (according to the family story she must have been setting the table herself) that they were slightly off in the stem by (according to the family story) 1/8 of an inch.  This shortage apparently threw the entire place arrangement so off balance that she immediately returned them all to Waterford and used, instead, I know not what.  Perhaps she just used those cute little individual bottles of San Pelligrino.  I have!

As the family story goes, a family member was fortunate enough to have benefitted slightly (but not much because--as the story goes--they were still quite expensive) from this mistake and purchased oodles of them.  Out of the oodles, I have sixteen and my sister has sixteen.  We can, by sharing, host a sit down dinner party for thirty two.  Which, of course, we frequently do.  And, which you should believe because, as I've already pointed out, my family is not given to embellishing the truth--much.