Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fresh Express Artisanal Salads and a Recipe Contest Coming Soon

Remember when I first told you about the new Fresh Express Artisanal Salads?  Good news!  They are going to be featured in grocery stores this coming weekend October 16 and 17.  In my Chicagoland area, it's the Jewel stores.  There will be demonstrations and tastings.  And keep checking back here for a recipe contest with a nice prize from Fresh Express.

And now for my two-cents worth on these salads.  We are salad loving empty nesters here and we indulge, quite often, in Fresh Express bagged salad greens.  We like a mixture of greens which means buying three to four different lettuces then washing, mixing and storing them.  Fresh Express does all of that for us and quite nicely and, overall, the price is not much more because there's no waste.  

When I agreed to try the new artisan salads and post about them, I didn't expect the amount that arrived at my front door--six bags of each.  There are two of us!  The bags seemed smaller than the regular bags so I thought we'd just have one for lunch and one for dinner.  No, they "explode" out of the bag in crisp, delicious freshness and are quite enough for two to three salads.  I was then worried about using all the greens before they lost their fresh appeal.  The packaging is new, using 50% less plastic (excellent!).  They must have also raised the freshness quotient because the last bag of greens looked and tasted as fresh as the first.   We've since purchased several bags at our local Strack and Van Til (so check them out as well).

I'm going to be posting my salad recipes next week.  They were all winners!   Don't leave me yet because.... 

....I was also a failure.

Just for fun, Fresh Express later sent me some seeds to plant and grow my own mixture.  They came with a small pot and cute little stakes.  They arrived rather late for such planting in the midwest but, as you can see, the roses were still in bloom so.....being a good sport, I gave it a try.  I didn't plant in the small pot but mixed the four seeds and put them in a large pot.  And they sprouted and started their tiny little leaves toward the sun.  I was waiting for about an inch of growth to take a photograph.  Alas, along came a frost that turned the leaves purple that quickly darkened to black.  I only used half the seeds from each package and plan to try again in the spring.