Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It's time to pack up my camera but first, here are a few random shots of Halloween.  I'm having the Muses over this evening to discuss "The Grave Digger's Daughter" (how appropriate is that?) by Joyce Carol Oates.  The decor needs to be spooky to set the stage.  

The centerpiece for the buffet table

This little spook is riding a turkey-drawn pumpkin.


No, they are not Franklin and Eleanor!

Doing the mantle happy dance.

I'll post what I served to the ladies and tell you what they thought of the book when I return.  First, I'm packing up and driving down to meet my sisters here

Andrew and Oliver are in charge of keeping things going here at home.  I don't think they'll be blogging!

I don't have a laptop (new camera instead) but I'll try to check in with all of you from time to time.  Back in ten days!!