Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meeting Ginny and Beverly

A number of years ago, I was trying to figure out what a blog was--what the word blog actually meant.  Someone told me it was short for "weblog".  Hmm, a log on the web?  It was enough for me at the time.

I wish that I had recorded the first blog I checked out.  Was it food related?  Essays?  I have no idea.  I started to check out different sites and took the first tentative step into the world of blogging.  It took me a year to become a serious serial blogger.  Here, again, I wish I had done some recording of how I discovered various blogs and commented on them. 

I gave my sons dire warnings about meeting girls people on the internet/blogs.  It was, in my mind, doubtful that anyone (other than myself) was truly trustworthy.  However, as I visited with all of you and you responded--well, I felt new friendships starting.  You are all friends who join me for coffee most mornings.

When the opportunity presented itself to actually meet face-to-face over coffee, I (just a tad hesitantly) jumped at the chance.  Ginny realized that I'd be headed right to her hometown and she wanted to meet.  Soon she realized that Beverly would also be in town and we all were able to meet at Starbuck's.  

We all showed up on a crisp, late October morning.  Ginny's husband, Phil, came along as well.  Such a nice man to be subjected to three women yakking their head's off!!  We found a corner table, ordered up coffees and settled in to get acquainted.  I could have spent the entire day--several days with them.  We spoke of our families, interests and mutual blogging friends.  Many of you were mentioned and we were wishing you were there.  If you don't know these ladies, just click on their names to visit their wonderful blogs.

Ginny, Bonnie and Beverly

Ginny came with a bakery box filled with these delicious cookies from Short & Sweet Bakery in Waynesboro, VA.  Oh my!  They were a cross between a sugar cookie and a shortbread.  The icing, rather than being sweet and nondescript, was thin, slightly crunchy and delicious.  The purple spider was MINE!  I had to share the sparkly leaves with my sisters.  Thanks again, Ginny, for the lovely treat!!

Wow, I've been rather chatty in this post--just like I was at Starbuck's with Ginny and Beverly--but, they held their own = )  It was so nice to spend time with you all y'all.