Friday, November 12, 2010

The Little Tree That Could--and Does!

It's Friday--predicted to be one of the last warmish days of the year.  It's a good day to finish putting the garden to bed and rake up the leaves one more time.  When I opened the garage door yesterday, this is what I saw:

The sun blazing down on the Japanese Maple.  This still young beauty is now about eight feet tall.  My husband found it at Costco five years ago.  It was about three feet tall and sitting in a pot hoping, I'm sure, for the perfect spot to flourish and show off.  Even though it wasn't on his shopping list, he brought the little tree home.  "Where are you going to put that tree?"--an appropriate question I thought.  "Not sure" he replied.  We finally decided on a spot right off the back porch.  A spot where we could view the tree many times a day.   

After two years, the tree had outgrown the spot.  If you don't already know it, we are still novice gardeners.  So we decided on a space just outside the fence toward the front of the house.  He dug the now almost five foot tree up and planted it in the new spot.  It flourished.

Two more years passed and the now, not-so-little tree outgrew it's second home.  We decided to transplant it at the edge of the parking pad outside the garage.  Off it went to it's third home.  That was two years ago.  

This healthy, and seemingly indestructible, beauty cost $49.00 at Costco.  To us, it's priceless.