Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Look at this face.  It says "I'm sorry".  Or maybe it says "I just couldn't help myself".  Oliver is our third dalmatian in the past twenty years.  He's our first "grazer" and we forget that he has THE HABIT.  The habit of checking out what's on the kitchen counter and zeroing in on the  item(s).

This is the face of Oliver who had just finished off the washed broccoli and tomatoes draining in a colander in the sink.  Yes, he enjoyed enough broccoli for two adults and two tomatoes.  Yes, he was in trouble.  Yes, I had to scrounge around for a few more spears of broccoli and a few more tomatoes for our dinner.  As for Oliver, he suffered no ill effects and is waiting for next time and hoping for a nice ribeye steak.


All is forgiven.  Oliver has a smile on his face once more.  We did, however, tell him that if he continues to "graze", Santamation will not be coming down the chimney with squeeky toys and dog treats on Christmas Eve.