Friday, December 3, 2010

Fresh Express Winner!!

We have a winner!  It's Elizabeth at A Moon, Worn As If It Had Been a Shell.  Congratulations!!  I'll be hitching up the sled dog first thing in the morning and heading over to the post office.

Yes, we are in the path of our first snow "event".  It's a new description being used by the local weather people--"event".

Sled Dog

Oh Christmas Tree

My mother had "color themed" Christmas trees.  She and my father would purchase the tree from a lot in town and have it in a stand and strung with lights when we got home from school.  The decorating was left to us sisters when we were old enough to do it with reasonably good taste.  In the evening after the tree was decorated and candles were in the windows, she'd have us all bundle up and go outside to view the scene as passersby would.  And as we gazed at our home, she'd raise her greatly off-key soprano to the heavens (and the neighbors)--"Silent Night" for the blue years, "Greensleeves" for the green years....etc. I miss that sweet voice but back in the day, we could not wait to get back in the house and hoped the neighbors would not be listening!

Our first year of marriage, we had a ceramic tree of less than a foot in height.  Through the following years, we added height and ornaments.  I have boxes filled with them.  The little mouse in the shoe that is Adam's.  The little boy in the chef's hat that is Stefan's.  So many sweet memories as we added ornaments for each boy through the years.

This year we'll celebrate the season without visits from our children.  I've left their special ornaments tucked away and decorated with....



....and watched over by a special angel who's been on the job for over twenty-five years.