Friday, December 10, 2010

Where Have You Gone....

....Marshall Field's?  

This year, Macy's window theme is "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus".  Ho-hum!  Imagine a librarian up on a ladder that moves back and forth, back and forth, back--well, you get the picture.  Then there's the ice skater that moves back and forth, back and forth.....!  We did not have to jockey for position at the windows.  In fact, most passersby just passed on by.  We didn't have lunch under the great  tree.  There was no need to make a purchase just to get a bag.  Yes, I've been known to do that!

I can't remember the year this bag came home with me or what it toted.  It's my favorite!  The drawing is by Maurice Sendak.  The window theme was The Nutcracker.  It was spectacular.  We went from window to window and then back again.  Claire was spinning and lovely.  The Nutcracker was handsome and formidable.  Just outside under the great clock, a Salvation Army Band in full uniform played.  Magic reigned!

This was the last bag.  The theme:  "There's No Place Like Field's".  So true!

We had lunch under the great tree in the Walnut Room.  As always, after the delicious meal, we were presented with our gifts of Santa Bear mugs.  It was the end of a great era in department stores.  It was December 2005.  

After lunch, Andrew purchased a silver and gold bracelet as an anniversary present for me.  It was a magical day!