Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remembering 2010 and Looking Forward to 2011

How sweet it is to reflect on the joys, which far outweighed the sorrows, of the past year.

We are grateful for good health, a precious family and wonderful friends.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you, dear blogging friends, during my first year of serious blogging.  Everything else is just icing on the cake!

January found us reflecting on our Christmas when both of our sons were here with their ladies.

February found us taking a few trips into the city for delicious dining, theater and gallery visiting.

March was spent decluttering, trying new recipes and ignoring the bleak landscape.

April found me very busy with my duties as president of the library board of trustees.  We diligently worked to secure property for a new library.  All that hard work paid off and, hopefully, ground breaking will occur in early May 2011.  JOY!

May saw Andrew and me in Houston where he was honored by the University of Houston, his alma mater.  It was a fun-filled weekend of good food and attending the School of Pharmacy graduation ceremony.  We also tried to get our fill of barbecue and Texas hospitality and we achieved that goal quite easily.

June found us in the garden and at the farmers' market--enjoying the bounty of both.

July was spent in tending the garden and eating as many tomatoes as we could possibly hold.

August brought us week-long visits from both of our sons.  Again, good food was involved as well as a few museum visits.

September again found us on that tomato high--sort of like squirrels stocking up for the winter.

October took me on my annual visit to Virginia and time with my two sisters.  We enjoyed the fall color, autumn markets and generally just being together.  I also had the unexpected pleasure of meeting two of my blogging friends.  I met up with Ginny and Beverly for coffee and a long chat while in Virginia.

November was spent putting the garden to bed and planning Thanksgiving.

December is winding down to a close.  We've enjoyed a number of parties, good food and good friends.

Each of you have been very special to me during your "visits" this year.  I've learned so much from you and look forward to spending time with you in 2011.

Very best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe NEW YEAR!