Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pimento Cheese and What I've Been Up To

"A Sister is a Forever Friend" ~ Unknown

I'm back and I've missed all of you.  I did sneak occasional peeks at your posts and can't wait to catch up.

My sisters came.  We spend a week in October together in our Virginia hometown and environs.  Several years ago, it was decided that a week just wasn't enough so we started spring visits.  One spring here with me.  The next spring with a sister in Florida.  This year, it was my turn

It doesn't take a lot to entertain us as we simply want to spend time together.  Time reminiscing, laughing, still denying ruining a favorite sweater worn without permission, apologizing again for losing a favorite bracelet, watching scary movies while eating popcorn and whatever else strikes our fancy.  There is usually no planned agenda.  It works for us.

We always, always have at least one pimento cheese sandwich per visit.  
In the many moves of my marriage, I've been surprised at how little prized (or known) pimento cheese is in many parts of the country.  Thankfully, my paternal grandmother's recipe is imbedded in the food sphere of my brain!!

First a trip to Whole Foods for the best cheese.

Nanny's Pimento Cheese with a tweak by me.

1 # sharp cheddar (here's the tweak--Nanny used "rat" cheese)
3 Tbsp sweet pickle relish with a little of the juice
1 4 oz jar of chopped pimentos, drained
3-4 Tbsp good mayonnaise (Duke's in the south.  Hellman's in the north)

1.  Grate the cheese (I use the food processor.  Nanny had a food grinder)
2.  Stir the rest of the ingredients into the cheese and adjust the pickle juice and mayonnaise to your taste.
3.  Serve on a good white or multigrain bread.
4.  Grill in a little oil or eat plain.


Add a basket of cherries for dessert.


  1. This sound yummy, I'm going to make some thanks for sharing ...


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in a perpetual search for the "perfect" pimento cheese recipe and will be excited to try yours! Glad you had a good visit with your sisters--there's nothing like a sister!

  3. A BIG "WELCOME BACK". We sure did miss you and hope you had a wonderful time. Pictures???

    OKAY...what is RAT cheese?

    I make mine with Hellmans, does that make me Northern? Y'all???

    HOW awesome this recipe sounds.
    I have never made it with relish, now that is new so I will sure try it.

    HUGS and glad you are home safe, I bet Ollie and hubby missed you and your home cookin'.

  4. Sounds like a lovely time!!!! I don't have any sisters, but I have one sister in law that I am particularly close with!

  5. This is the best. My sister and made these sandwiches a few years ago and ate the whole container. This will be on my list things to make.


  6. Oh, that looks really good! I guess I DO need to go to the store; just when I was thinking I didn't.
    Glad you are back and so thankful you enjoyed your time with family!

  7. This sounds great, I've never had Pimento Cheese and this is now bookmarked:@)

  8. I adore pimiento cheese sandwiches -- or just the cheese scooped out with spoon! Thank you for this recipe!

  9. i love pimento cheese and was pretty much raised on it. used to be it was a cheap meal, but not anymore. mothers was a lot like this. that sandwich has me drooling which made me look at the clock and thank goodness it is almost NOON, but not a pimento in the house. darn

  10. So glad you're back, I missed you!!! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures, and maybe even a picture of you and your sisters? The lavender farm is in Harrisonburg. Can't wait to see your gurgle pot! Silly me, I never knew you could make pimento cheese, this recipe is real interesting! The new Whole Foods opened in Charlottesville, and we went on the opening day! Three policemen to direct the traffic there, a madhouse! But I took lots of pictures and will be posting it. For some strange reason, lots of other people were taking pictures, too. But I found out it is on a lot of blogs. They even have a bar where they make you fresh pasta while you wait, you take it home and cook it, they have many kinds.

  11. I've always wished I had a sister. Glad you enjoy each other.
    Pimento and cheese is very common around here.
    I make mine simple: grated cheese, pimento, Hellman's mayo, and a little garlic powder.
    My SIL makes hers with pickle relish, and I just don't like it at all. LOL

  12. Great to have you back! Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your sisters :) Great looking cheese! Yum!

  13. Pimento cheese is new to me but, considering how much I like cheese, I know I would like it. I have sisters too, and I know how special visits can be. The older we get the more fun it is to reminisce.

  14. just got home from a weekend at my sister's place.. sometimes we only see each other once a year...this summer it will be twice.. and like schedule, but lots of fun and reminiscing.

    My sister doesn't cook too much so they love it when I show up with recipes or ingredients...and of course, baking which was done beforehand. I wish she lived closer.

  15. hmm those cherries look lovely ... hope to pick some this weekend got me, I think I have never eaten a pimento cheese sandwich. I know exactly what you mean about meeting up with your sisters ... it just seems that all the time since you were kids is just a hazy reality and you're back talking about things that happened years ago :)

  16. Welcome back---sounds like everyone had great time!
    Time with family is most precious these days. Glad you were able to spend time with them.


  17. Nice to have you "back." I certainly think of pimento cheese sandwiches as a southern thing and no shower, etc. seems complete without them. I never knew there was so much to the making of them...I guess yours are "authentic." Glad you had such a great sister time!

  18. So glad you got to spend time with your sisters! I do think that pimento cheese is definitely a southern delicacy. :) Now you've gotten me in the mood for some. I've never used pickle relish in mine though- I'm going to try it the next time I make it! :)

  19. What a nice idea to rotate visiting each other and great memories.

    I've never heard of pimiento cheese was afraid to ask what rat cheese is and then I Googled it. I've never heard cheddar called that either! Where have I been? I'm sure I'd love it.

  20. Welcome home. So glad that you had such great sister time.

    I have never had pimento chesse . . . it looks great.


  21. I do LOVE a good pimento cheese! It isn't a "thing" up here - - - but having lived in the Carolinas for 12 years, I KNOW a good pimento cheese when I see/smell/taste it!

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  23. Sounds like you have great times together; we,come back to our blog land.
    I have never heard of pimemto cheese and now I am dying to try this; looks amazing!But What is rat cheese?

  24. I am so glad your sisters came in and you got to spend some downtime with them. It sounds like ya'll had a great time and I am loving the pimento cheese recipe. It reminds me up growing up. Must make for a picnic we are having next weekend! So glad your back!

  25. So glad you had a great visit, those cheese look amazing!

  26. This sounds very good. Glad you had time with your sisters.

  27. Oh my what fun this sounds like. I don't have any sisters....Could I please borrow yours?? LOL



  28. Sister time is glorious, and how I miss mine. I will be going to see her next week. I would never have imagined when we were young (and ALWAYS fighting) that we would treasure each other as we do today. Funny thing isn't it? Your pimento cheese brings back other memories of times long ago. Lovely post.

  29. Aww, you made me miss my sister. We live in different states. We did live in the same state for 4 years for the first time since I was 18, but we moved again -- she's stayed the same place for the past 34 or so years and not in the same state where we grew up. Our mom used to make pimento cheese - love it!

  30. There is nothing like a really good pimento cheese sandwich. Happy to see you back and love the new header.

  31. It sounds like you had a ton of fun with your sisters! A worthy excuse for a blogging break.

    I've heard such good things about pimiento but I've never had it! Looks delicious!

  32. I've never eaten pimento cheese... it just wasn't around in New England where I grew up.

  33. Oh my, that sandwich does look good. Welcome back :D

  34. How fun to spend time with your sister. My grandmother was called Nanny also and since I grew up in the south, a jar of homemade pimento cheese was always in our refrigerator. There's just nothing more special than a pimento cheese sandwich for a southern gal.

    BTY, thanks for not having that word verification thing. Leaving comments is sooo much more pleasant without it.

  35. Bonnie, I LOVE pimento cheese! And, I am so glad you enjoyed a good visit with your sisters! I still think we need to coordinate a visit in October. I am enjoying your hometown very much. Not a whole lot of outside activities going on just yet. Our Littlest Man is growing every day and soon we will be out more. I have been struggling to even see any blogs lately and no chance of commenting. I am gleeful to be able to visit! Blessings to you! Tanna

  36. Welcome back!! I'm glad you had a great time with your sisters. That sounds like so much fun and that's great that you all get together so often! Your pimiento cheese sounds really good and it is such a good southern, family, nostalgic thing to have for lunch! Its impossible for my Mom's side of the family to get together without pimiento cheese! Yum!!!

  37. Hi Bonnie, I have never heard of this recipe but it sounds real comfy. As I am not a fan of pimentos I may not include it but then that would defeat the whole purpose of this dish right??? Of course you know we use Best Foods out west!

    xoxo, Bonnie

  38. Better late than never...welcome back to entertaining us with your interesting, yet simple love of life, family and food (of course) ;o)

    It's so nice that you have a sister to share with...I'm a tiny bit envious.

    Let me move on and see what else I've missed ;o)

    Ciao for now,


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