Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There Came a Great Storm

While I was having fun in Fond du Lac on Saturday, a storm blew through C.P. .  Andrew called me just afterwards and gave me the good news and bad news.  The good news was there were no reports of serious injuries.  The bad news was that there were trees down all over town and the southern part of the city (where we live) was without electricity with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees.

Andrew and Oliver were out for their walk when the storm hit.  As a matter of fact, they had just turned toward home (about a half mile away) when the wind picked up (it was clocked at 110 MPH) and the rain started in a sideways down pour--or maybe that would be a side pour.  He heard a loud crack and a huge limb fell onto the sidewalk just in front of them.  They made it home, soaked, to find our neighbor's 100 ft tall pine tree laying across our driveway and our next-door neighbor's driveway.  It fell onto the neighbor's car, garage roof and fence!!

I, sipping iced tea and looking at a lovely garden, said "call me when the electricity comes back on".  I planned to stay in Fond du Lac until it did.  He called Monday night, after sweltering through two days and nights of high temperatures and humidity, and said the electricity was back.  I came home on Tuesday and saw this when I pulled into the driveway.

A drive around town revealed many huge trees down.  There were utility trucks and wood chippers from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin busy clearing streets and lawns.

Alas, the frozen food defrosted and had to be tossed.  Fortunately, I had been reducing the freezer contents in anticipation of cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer.  Andrew nicely performed this task before I arrived home!!

Even though the winds were of tornado strength, it wasn't a tornado.  Considering what many states have been through, we were very lucky!


  1. Heard you all had had dreadful weather and glad you are safe. That is quite an amazing walk your hubby and dog had.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about it but yeah you guys are lucky for not having seen a massive disaster like other places had to see. Glad to see you'll are safe but the destruction of trees is upsetting:(
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  3. So glad that no one was injured. The storms have been brutal this year and while losing trees of such size is painful, your loved one is safe. P.S. And your freezer clean!

  4. Glad everyone is ok! I sure wish these awful storms would let up, so much damage and worse:@(

  5. You are lucky -- this has been a bad year for "weather" -- too many really bad tornados in place where tornados don't usually go!!!

    But straight winds can create a good blow as you know!

    Glad everything is safe and sound and glad you only "damage" was electric out!

  6. Where my brother lives it is called tornado alley, but it only amounts to downed trees and rooves lifted. We are all lucky, although the loss of such a majestic tree is heartbreaking.

  7. Happy to hear you are fine. It has been extreme weather all over and very scary. Coming back to this must be horrible. Be safe.

  8. Too bad with it all but great that it was not worse! What a spring! We lived in Louisville during the huge tornado that went through there and up into Ohio in '74 when the devastation was overwhelming. So I'm sure you were amazed with the tree when you arrived home. I'm guessing you don't recommend this as a way to clean our freezers! ;)

  9. Wow! Talk about blessings. What if that monster tree had hit your house? Yikes!

    Aren't the weather patterns bizarro? We had a wild storm like that around here last weekend, too. A nearby town has trees galore down and workers are still sawing away.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Come back any time. Susan

  10. So happy to hear your house, not to mention family, escaped serious harm. Mother Nature needs to get back in bed with a big warm bowl of chicken soup which I'm sure your could put together for her! Stay safe!

  11. OMG!!! wait till The Viking see's this he'll be so intrigued... glad no one was hurt x

  12. Sounds like you rode out the storm in the best way possible. Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I'm sure seeing all those downed trees is very sad. By the way, love your new header.

  13. You were lucky but luck is a relative thing. No air conditioning in those temperatures can be a killer. I'm glad you came through the storm relatively unscathed. The weather has been very strange this summer. I hope youhave a great day. Blessings...Mary

  14. i am so glad all you had was the tree and no damage to your home. when the tropical storm Gabriella came in 2001, we had a tree even bigger than this that fell and we thought it fell on the neighbors house. it did not and all we lost was a fence. we were home for 2 days with no electric and it was sept in Florida. it worked out good for you that you were far away and missed the heat.
    I forgot to say how much I like your new header and i know it has been up there a week or so, just having forgetter problems

  15. Oh my GOSH! Boy, did you ever pick the right time to go visiting! But poor Andrew! And he even fixed up the freezer for you! I guess the fridge food had to go, too. Gosh, I'm guessing this grocery bill must be huge! I guess your neighbor's garage is totaled? SO glad you are both alright!

  16. That is some powerful wind! I know you were glad to stay where the AC was.
    It's definitely been a year for strange weather, and I'm afraid it's not nearly over.
    We are melting here in the south. Glad no one was hurt.

  17. Wow. It's amazing what really strong winds can do. So glad no one was hurt, but I hate to see those beautiful old trees destroyed. And you were smart to stay where the electricity was. :)

  18. Yikes! We had high winds here but nothing like that. I heard that the wind blew over a couple of semi trailer trucks between Milwaukee and Kenosha and they had to close the interstate. Sure glad it didn't fall on your house!

  19. Wow, things are happening around you. Sorry to hear about the storm but glad you and yours are fine. i hope your neighbor comes out of the storm ok.
    Your trip sounds fab--it's always good to reconnect with friends.
    How much fun can a new library be?
    It's like Christmas! WooHoo.


  20. Oh my goodness Bonnie...isn't that scary stuff. I use to think I was immuned to all that bad weather but as I grow older, there are no guarantees certainly surrounds my thoughts!
    So glad just the freezer and the trees suffered.

  21. So glad you're all ok- except for the tree, of course. :)

  22. That truly was an insane storm!!! Being from Cali, I have never experienced that kind of a thunder storm ever!!

  23. What a year for tornados and other natural disagree! You seem to have Gothenburg quite lightly which is great, though those beautiful old trees will
    Be missed I'm sure.

  24. Oh Bonnie, how terrible I felt for your two guys.

    That tree root says it all.
    Hope they aren't too traumetized.

    Here's hoping that these worrisome storms have a major slowdown.



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