Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Bridal Luncheon

 Diamond Farm has played host to a number of parties for our family and friends through the years.  The first time I attended an event was the summer after we moved here.  Our entire church was invited to a picnic on the grounds.  We had an interesting tour of the museum, carriage rides drawn by a team of horses named Bonnie and Clyde, a tour of the farm, good food and fellowship.  Our friendship has now spanned a quarter of a century and created many happy memories.  It seems only fitting that our children be celebrated here.  They have.  The farmer's daughter was married here a few years ago.  It was magical.  Our son and his lovely wife were celebrated on the farm two summers ago.  Now, another happy event.

Saturday dawned bright and hot.  The farmhouse sits in a copse of cooling trees and is surrounded by over a thousand acres of corn and soybeans.  Flowers gardens are all around.  Some have plantings from many decades ago.  They all put on quite a performance for the bridal luncheon we had planned.

Diana performed her magic and was able to seat us all at one table.

A simple and beautiful place setting.

This funny frog kept an eye on things.

A glass of champaign with fresh raspberries.

A toast to the guests of honor.  
The blurry photo is due to the ineptness of the photographer.
It is not due to the champaign!

Bonnie,  the beautiful bride-to-be.

Best wishes to Bonnie and Colin.
I've known this young man since he was five years old.  He was awarded a PhD in May.
How time flies!

A mother and son moment.

A green bean salad that was as delicious as it looks.

A refreshing fruit and melon bowl.

Chicken-Apple Waldorf Salad

That shadowy smile indicates the cupcakes have arrived at the table.

I made Ina's Coconut cupcakes.

Pretty poppy seed ones.

Angel food cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

A treasure--recipes from family and friends.

The guests were invited to take home cupcakes in these little boxes.  They happily obliged.

Alexander, the youngest guest,  jetted in from NYC.
He charmed us before lunch, napped through lunch, changed into his party clothes (is that checkered shirt not perfect for a farm party?) and enjoyed his Uncle Jim (the groom's father) after nap time.  

I'll be posting some recipes from the party so y'all come back.


  1. Such a wonderful treat for the beautiful bride. Everything looks wonderful. What a special circle of friends to celebrate each other and your children.

  2. looks lovely...loved seeing all the beautiful food and your pretty cupcakes....

    what a special family day...a day filled with cherished memories...

  3. Such a beautiful celebration and a lovely couple. Very special moments.

  4. Very lovely!!!! Best wishes to the happy couple!

  5. What a beautiful settings and the cupcakes are....well, celebratory!

  6. What a wonderful setting for a very special party. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for an occasion like this. Beautiful day and many happy faces.

  7. Looks like it was a wonderful celebration!

  8. the food is GORGEOUS! i mean just to LOOK at... wow. a beautiful party. and i would be first in line for the cupcakes.
    glad you are not "particular" on how you drink your coffee. LOL your cup describes my hubby's cup, but he drinks his black with on sugar and puts an ICE CUBE in it. YUCK. he can't drink hot coffee and mine has to be HOT

  9. Your cupcakes are beautiful!!! I cannot decide which would be my favorite! And the bride and groom are beautiful, too! I love the little frog and flower table decoration, even the little cupcake boxes are so pretty, I'm glad you showed them. It's often the little touches like this that really make a party!! What a lovely time everyone must have had!!

  10. Looks like a lovely celebration!! I am a coconut freak, so those cupcakes had me salivating.

    My very best wishes to the happy bride and groom-to-be.


  11. Hi Bonnie, I wonder how many Bonnie's there are in the world?! Looks like everyone had a lovely day.
    xo, Bonnie

  12. Such a wonderful shower! I'm sure your savory bread was well received also. Taking home cupcakes is a great idea.

    Best of luck to the happy couple!

  13. Looks like a beautiful gathering and a beautiful bride. So nice that you brought us along!

  14. Great way to celebrate an upcoming wedding! Love the cupcakes. I wish cupcakes would have been the "in thing" 11 years ago when Ken and I got married, cause they would have been at our wedding instead of the cake.


  15. Wonderful, wonderful family/friend traditions. I love it, Bonnie. Simply beautiful. And, your cupcakes were outstanding! Very, very special time. blessings ~ tanna

  16. The luncheon looks beautiful! Hope you had a great time:)

  17. It looks lovely, How nice to have the groom there --or at least it looks like mostly women ...

  18. Congratulations to the happy couple! What a lovely shower celebration...the bride and groom cupcakes are adorable.

  19. I must chime in, too, and tell you what a wondeful celebration this looks like! And those cupcakes!! Just delightful. It all looks so lovely. Just makes me smile.

  20. What a wonderful day! I have not heard about this place, but I am off to Google it now! Great to see such happy faces!

  21. It looks like this was such a wonderful day for all involved! I know the bride and groom must have felt very loved and celebrated! I look forward to seeing the recipes for all of those yummy dishes and love those beautiful cupcakes!

  22. wow! The luncheon looks like it was a lot of fun and delicious at that. I love the bean salad and those cupcakes- what can I say. I would have been in heaven! great day!

  23. This looked like such a love filled luncheon and a special way to congratulate the new couple! I'm wishing them much love and happiness always! The cupcakes all looked delightful but I loved the ones you made with the decorative bride and groom picks!

  24. Looks like a good time was had by all and with all that food, no one went away hungry.


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