Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Wow, what a Wednesday.  The high was a balmy 74 degrees.  I've had a busy week--well, if you can count Monday and Tuesday as a week.  Maybe I should just say "so far".  It seemed fair to treat myself to an afternoon off and join two friends for a late lunch.

We met up at Lucrezia's Ristorante and found an outside table.

I love these colorful umbrellas on the back patio.

Our umbrella is my favorite shade of blue.  I want to paint my whole house this color.  It would mean buying all new furniture and accessories though.

The courtyard is beautiful.  There was an ever so gentle breeze--just enough to keep the bugs away.  We were so busy talking that I forgot to take any more photos.  We shared an order of bruschetta and I had a delicious calamari salad.  It was a nice interlude.

Andrew and Oliver stayed home to watch the rest of the women's soccer match--the U.S. and France.  When I left, the score was 3-1 U.S.!  Go team!

This is our television.  It's not a flat screen.  In fact, it's not really ours.  Our younger son left it here when he went to college (at least I think it was college).  Possession is 9/10s of the law.  At least I've heard that's true.  It's our only television.  I dread the day we have to replace it.  I may have to rent a geek to help us figure out what kind we'll be needing.  


  1. Bonnie,
    Sounds like a wonderful day. I love eating outside.

    We had to replace the TV this past year and we did have to get help from Comcast. They were good.


  2. Does sound like a delightful day . . . I could use one of those days. Just lunch with a friend sitting outside in the sun. With a glass of something!

  3. LOL that looks like our TV, also from our son. Glad you have temps moderate enough for outdoor eating. Looks lovely. Hope the week slows down!

  4. beautiful umbrella shots and i like that blue also. oliver looks so sweet. we have a 47 inch LCD flat screen HD and now i can hardly stand to look at the one in the bedroom like yours. and you are right, they are computers now and not plug and play. but it was not that hard, it is like the computer, it walks you through what to do.

  5. Go, USA women!!

    Bonnie, I am longing for a 74 degree day with outdoor dining!! It is 84 here in the morning when we get up! LOL! So glad you had a fun outing with your friends!
    blessings ~ tanna

  6. Girl, send some of that cool weather south, we are crisping up like bacon on paper towels to air dry.

    What a delightful place you visited. I am with you on that color.

    Since hubby was a national soccer ref I know where to find him these days, nose to the screen watching soccer.

    Hope you have a blessed safe day.

  7. 74 degrees-sounds heavenly! I think Rent-A-Geek sounds like a great business idea, I can see the franchises now:@)

  8. Lovely day! Though, I dare say you should have stayed to watch the rest of the game. So exciting and so proud of Team USA!

  9. just stopping by for the first time!!! love it here!!!

  10. Hi Bonnie, Love that blue color also... SO gorgeous. Glad you have had mild and gorgeous weather this week. It's still summery hot and humid here... NOT the type of weather to want to eat outside...

    The new big flatscreen TV's aren't that hard to assemble. We have high definition TV now --and love it... It makes going back to the older ones very hard to do. We are spoiled I'm sure. We have 3 TV's --one bigscreen (about 46 inches I think), a small flat screen in the computer room and a tiny older one in the bedroom. We seldom watch the one in the bedroom.


  11. What a wonderful way to spend the day.
    Lunch with friends is always fun.


  12. You need a bigger T.V. you will ruin your vision or go blind with that one!!! We have one of the smaller flat screens, 32', and it is still bigger than yours. You will be AMAZED when you get one!! And if you get H.D., oh MY!! You can always find a tech minded friend to help hook it up, or Best Buy can have their Geek Squad do it if you buy one there. I LOVE the underside of your umbrella!! It looks like the shadows of real branches! I would love to buy one and just sit it in the front yard, right in the middle. Let Phil mow around it!!

  13. I'm reading your comments, and see that you are getting quite a bit of guff about your T.V.!! So maybe we can all convince you to get a new one. You can thank us with flowers later! Or a gift subscription to T.V. Guide!! Hey, I never knew so many of my blog friends had so many huge T.V.'s!!

  14. I've also been watching and cheering for TEAM USA! I'm so excited to see thta they made the finals. My children played ATSO soccer when thye were young and we all became soccer fans!

  15. Didn't we score on the weather the last couple days??!!

    As of an hour ago - we have power!! Woot!

    I can't wait to start cooking in my kitchen!

  16. Would love to be sharing your mid 70s weather. Sounds like a perfect day!

  17. You're right, Bonnie, there's nothing more fun that eating outside under a big colorful umbrella! Sounds like a lovely, peaceful, ordinary day. Perfect.

  18. I'm so glad you have had a break in the weather. It sounds like you've had a great week - so far:-). I hope today continues your winning streak. Blessings...Mary

  19. We eat outside as much as possible. My 2 yr old love the outdoors so he welcomes it gladly! Sounds like a wonderful day and hope you have an even better weekend


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