Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School

School starts back next week.  Some of my young mother Facebook friends have posted how eager they are for that event.  I refrain from leaving them a comment.  If I did, I'd say how much I enjoyed the summers and holidays with our boys.  The school years were busy.  I alternated years being a room mother in their class.  I served on the PTA board.  I was at almost every function.  Both boys played soccer and I would chase from one end of town to the other to watch at least a part of their games.  Adam ran cross country in high school.  That is a hard sport for spectators but I was there to catch a glimpse of him as he sped by--a blur!  Stefan played the cello all the way to first chair in junior and high school.  I was there to give him a standing ovation at every concert.  I was "Volunteer Vera" in my Volvo for so many of their activities.  I enjoyed them all.

Summers were, for the most part, relaxed.  Late breakfasts.  Mornings at the neighborhood pool.  My viewing, their doing.  Weekly movies for children at Charlestowne Landing followed by a picnic were a part of their elementary years in Charleston.  There were trips to our neighbor's beach house on Sullivan's Island where they could dip their toes in the Atlantic and build sand castles.  I didn't want summer to end.

I was at Target earlier.  Surrounded by mothers and children shopping for back to school, I got nostalgic and choked up.  I wanted to have my two little boys in tow.  Arguing over  discussing what needed to be purchased.

When they would arrive home with their lists, I'd grab the car keys and off we went.

So much to choose from.  Did they have that much twenty years ago?

The answer is still "no" Adam.  You may not have a box of 64 crayons.  Your teacher says it takes too long to decide on a color with a box that size.

Fresh notebooks to be filled with math, English and creative stories.

Um, I think a bookbag from L. L. Bean is probably a better choice.  Today, I'd just let the two of you chose what you wanted.

Shaun White outfits?  Thankfully skate boarding did not become a big part of your growing up!!

What do you think of plaid?

These shorts are a bit more understated.

Stefan, I know you'd prefer Vans.  Do they still make them?

Adam and Stefan
First Grade
(different years)


  1. aawwww......what a cute post..i walked into the the grocery store yesterday and was greeted by Back To School....and i SMILED....

  2. You sound so much like my daughter in law. She loves having my grandbabies home for the summer.
    Hope you have a great weekend

  3. I feel the same way you do. I am not excited for school to start up again. Of course I get the summers off with my daughter. We didn't go anywhere this year just hung around home...we're lucky to live in a vacation destination town.

    I think it takes a special person to be able to pull off that plaid! L.L. Bean are a good quality backpack will hold up. Do you feel how heavy their backpacks when they bring them home full?

    I start back next week and my daughter and the students start back a week later.

    Your boys are so cute!

  4. Bonnie,
    This post touched my heart. I too always hated to see summer end. I loved having Kate at home and being on "our" schedule, not the school's and everone elses. And I well remember shopping for back to school gear. Kate would spend the whole evening after we shopped, getting everything organized to her specs in her backpack. Those mothers you heard celebrating back to school will change their tunes when their ducks have flown the coop! Btw, gorgeous boys!

  5. I'm right there with you, I love summer and I'm sad to see it end. Even though Lily will only be at preschool 3 half days a week, I know time will start to fly by like it did last year. I'm going to be a totally mess when she starts kindergarten!

  6. All I can say is, as someone whose boys are grown, I still love picking up a fresh spiral notebook each year-new beginnings:@)

  7. I so agree with you! I loved it in the summers with the boys home. They're all grown now and I miss those days.

  8. Sweet photo of your boys and a walk down memory lane. Its good you have your memories and can recall them.

    I can still recall the smells of that first day back at school with all my supplies. The smell of notebook paper and lunch boxes.

  9. What a wonderful post, it has me all chocked up, really. Just a few hours ago, I snapped pictures of a new store called "Once Upon A Child". That about says it all, doesn't it? This week, both you and I will both be rather sad over fleeting time and the faint echo of loud little boys.

  10. HI Bonnie, Cute pictures of your boys when they were little. Seems like mothers today do everything they can to find ways for their kids to be AWAY from them.. Kinda sad, isn't it?????

    Our schools started this week. We made the mistake of going to Walmart at the end of the first day of school here (short day)... GADS--you've never seen so many people buying school supplies at the last minute.... Shocked me!!!!

  11. Ah, sweet boys . . . with a mom who enjoyed them. It doesn't get any better than that.

    Do they live in the area?

    Amazing, what just seeing school supplies can make us remember.


  12. My kids are all grown, but I still love to shop for school supplies for my classroom. I love the smell of a new box of crayons. :)

  13. Aww, what a nostalgic post! I personally like the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and the kids are pouting!

    I'm headed to the post office tomorrow to mail your cookbook! Hope you like it!


  14. I intensly disliked my school experience and dreaded going back to school but even so your post has me reeling with nostalgia! Genius and so cute!

  15. How fun to reminisce about summer and back to school with your precious boys. Summer is my favorite time of the year too and even though I was a very good student, I didn't want to go back to school. I wanted summer to go on forever. Funny, I still do.

    Backpacks weren't around when I was in school and we had to lug stacks of books in our arms. Now when I see backpacks, I smile and think "finally." Lovely post. You put a smile on my face this morning.

  16. I'll be thinking about you when I go to Target! Lovely post . . . as a kid I loved getting ready for school again. And a big part of me still thinks about this time of year as a new beginning. A chance to make "new" New Year resolutions!

  17. Oh, Bonnie... do we ever quit having moments like this? Would we ever want to? There are so many fun memories. Thank you for sharing yours and stirring mine. blessings ~ tanna

  18. We are doing the bulk of our back to school shopping this weekend. This year my youngest, Mr Man start Kindergarten so we are approaching the school year with excitement and a little sadness.

  19. Wow, that was almost a tear jerker! Thanks for the memories and reminding all mothers that time passes quickly. Oh is always harder to dress to 2 girls for school sigh

  20. Bonnie, I always loved summers with my daughter. The first day of school was not my favorite day. And now, I tell parents not to rush things...turn around and your children are grown.

    So, we share the same first and middle name. We also seem to have toodled around town transporting children in our every faithful Volvos. I see so much of myself in your post.

  21. Love this post! Very creative and I am on your page. I loved having my two boys at home. Summers were so much fun. I was amazed at a large chain store the other day to see a large rack with lists from various schools and classes, on the required supplies. It's hard to imagine why everything is needed new each year ... don't crayons last a bit longer than a year? Some of it seems wasteful to me.

  22. kids are so creative aren't they? funny story about the crayons/creation. :-)

  23. Great post, Bonnie!

    Next week your schools start already? Schools don't start here until September 1.

    Back to school was always a bitter-sweet time for me. I missed having my two girls home and all the fun things we would do in the summer. The school years flew by with all of their activities too. I'm sure shopping with boys was a much more 'laid back' event :)

  24. Your itty bitties sure are cuto in their pictures :)

    And I totally want a spidey bag now!

  25. I'm with you...I never want summer to end. I enjoy the easy days of summer and the time spent with my kids. By the way...I'm making your eggplant and tomato recipe for tonight's dinner. Carla

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  27. LOVED the pictures of Target's back to school promotion. I took my grandson to Target a few weeks ago to make back to school purchases. Just as you wrote, he wanted the BIG box of 64 crayons. Clothing styles and backpack images may change, yet the desire to own the 64 pack of Crayola crayons remains a constant!

  28. I can't say I know how you feel but I can say that I just know you were the best school mom to those boys and they are so lucky to have you. My mom always told me and my brother that she hated when we went back to school. She lost her kids for 9 months to school, sports, events, etc. It was fun but she loved the summers with just us! That is how my friends now feel too and nothing is wrong with being excited about your kids going back to school but after hearing your account and remembering how fast time flies I know I will be sure to take in every moment when my boys begin that phase in their life

  29. Sweet post and I know how you feel. When I was in CA last month, I got to go uniform shopping with granddaughter #1 who will be in Kinder this year. How could it be that it seems like only yesterday I was taking my own daughter to Kinder. Yes, I wish I could go back and do it all again - I loved it.

  30. What a delightful post. Thank you for sharing the walk down memory lane. Do you remember pencil boxes? My children loved sets of everything :-). I hope you had a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  31. I miss my kids at that age too. Now my two oldest grands are in highschool. Where did time go? Grreat post. Thanks for coming by my place, Blessings, Debbie

  32. I feel your heart....when my 3 oldest children went back to school(elementary years) I would go out for breakfast so I wouldn't go home and cry my eyes out. When my next 3 were in school, I worked mostly full time so summers were more challenging. I hated being away from them and was happy to have them go back to school.....made me feel less guilty. Not that I needed to feel that way.....I had to work.

    Now I'm home all the time which stretches the finances as tight as a stretched out rubber band.....but I love being here for our youngest daughter. We will do some school shopping soon. She doesn't need the markers and crayons (still LOVE them!) but clothes and shoes are on our list.

    I enjoyed this post very much. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

    You almost made ME cry kids are grown with grown children of their own and I STILL get sad that they aren't home with me and we're getting ready to go SCHOOL SHOPPING. bwaaaaaaaaaa

    I think you are thinking of DUNLAPS here. The store here closed several years ago. Not sure if they have closed all their stores or not. Our nicest store is DILLARDS and I don't like shopping all. They seem to run every other store out of town.They're an ole BULLY store and I don't like them. :)

    and, YES, they still make grands all wear them.:)
    xoox bj

  34. O, and was gonna say that my daughter has 4 kids and when they were all young, you could hear her squeal with delight when school started. Now that two have graduated, she is trying hard to hang on to summer and SLOW TIME DOWN. :)

  35. Oh you're making ME miss back-to-school shopping now!

  36. You brought tears to my eyes!
    I LOVED having the girls home..and I have just watched both my daughters give my grandsons terrific summers.. The beach.. friends.. parties.. cozy at home too.. little outings.. bigger outings ,shore vacations.I saw 4 happy smiling boys this summer.My heart just fills with joy at the sight of them.
    I went out w/ one of my daughters and her 3 darling boys for back to school things yesterday..just a few as she was almost done..

    and saw such a happy group.
    The 2 oldest came back to my house and we baked Back To School cookies.
    Your post is so appropriate..
    Your boys are so cute..

    How old are they now?
    Perhaps I have missed that?
    Have a great day.

  37. Our children are so close in age:) 36 and soon 35..I have never been to the Chicago area..but we love Mass.

    Very much!

  38. I know exactly what you are writing about; with 4 boys it seems my life was a blur of activities. Now there are just my husband and I, but come September...I too remember it well.

  39. hi bonnie...happy to have you as a follower, my friend....

    and YES !!! i LOVE Halloween !!!


    see you soon


  40. Isn't it funny how much earlier school starts nowadays than it did when we were growing up? I remember not starting until after Labor Day...some kids in my neighborhood have already gone back.

    As a mom whose kids are suddenly 19and 21, and who misses the days when they were little, I try to encourage mothers to enjoy their children while they have them. All too soon (much sooner than they realize or are ready for), their kids will be grown up...and they'll be longing for the kids to be home with them again.

    I homeschooled my kids through high school, so I never had the "can't wait to get them out of my hair" mindset. I enjoyed the break from schooling just as much as they did.

    Have a great day!!


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  42. You must have done something right, I would prefer the LL Bean backpack nowadays.

  43. What a beautiful tart! So funny, we went and focused on underwear, t-shirts and socks today! I used to get so excited just about having those new items!


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