Friday, October 14, 2011


The Baker/Painter has been out of the country all week.  Oliver and I have held down the "fort".  I, of course, knew that his "master" would be back but Ollie wasn't so sure.  He was o.k. day one but things went quickly downhill.  It started with following me constantly and staring at me whenever I sat down.  Then he wanted outside much more.  When he got outside he ran around and barked incessantly.  Oliver is not a barking dog!  Sunday and Monday were particularly bad as he set up a howl for long periods--or what seemed like long periods!

When I went out to water some potted herbs, I noticed he was quite busy under a tree.  Upon closer inspection, he had a dead squirrel in his mouth.  My scream made him drop the limp little body but not for long.  I did what any strong woman would do and rushed to my neighbor who, fortunately, was outside, and screamed "I need help"!

He came right over and assured me that all would be well.  He ordered Oliver to drop his prey.  He did!  Neighbor R. retrieved, inspected and interred.  We aren't sure if Oliver did the furry little critter in or not.  With all the loud barking and frantic running around, he may have scared it to death.

Yesterday afternoon I told Ollie I was going to pick up his master and headed off to meet the O'Hare shuttle.  It had been raining and sunless all day.  When I turned in a northwesterly direction, this is what I saw.  

This sun had come out to go down 

I wished I had Ginny from Let Your Light Shine and her camera to capture one of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen in a long time.  If you haven't visited with Ginny, please do.  She's a wonderful photographer with an inquisitive mind--a winning combination.  I especially enjoy her sunsets because the sun is setting over the area where I grew up.

Fast forward to this morning and one happy dog patiently waiting for his master to finish breakfast and go for a walk.

Welcome Home!


  1. Dogs can be such little demons, can't they? My St Bernard has a MS Hyde side when it comes to squirrels and tries to pull me down when they catch her unawares... no dead ones yet!!

    Your dog is just gorgeous... don't you love that "waiting for a walk" face?

  2. LOL! What a week you and Oliver had! LOL! I think you will both be happy for The Baker/Painter to be home.

    That sunset is gorgeous! I am looking forward to visiting Ginny! Thank you. Blessings ~ Tanna

  3. Welcome home to the master of the house and thank the lord for his safe return.

    Bless Ollie's heart, he truly is a man's best friend. I guess you will do when he needs feeding and such. Its like that here, I feed them and they give all the love to hubby.

    Girl, you take some awesome photos of the sun too. YES, Ginny is a great photographer too and I love to visit her blog.

    Glad hubby is home safe, now you can have some peace.

  4. i am happy for Ollie that daddy is home... poor baby. When Bob was in hospital for days, both of our dogs were devastated. they moped and looked out the window and waited by the door for the first 3 days, then they just moped,they had a personality change, Jake still played ball with me, but not with the energy when daddy plays. it broke my heart to see them.

  5. On your one picture....I could have sworn I saw the sun moving...setting.

    Thanks for sharing. It sounds as though you have had a wonderful week!

  6. Oh dear... my husband left for a convention yesterday and our youngest son (adult) is leaving town on business for over a week. Ugh! Simon, our chocolate Lab has already started barking at even people we know! It's going to be a challenging few days here I can tell. Great sunset pictures!!
    Ladybug Creek

  7. Oh how sweet to have the "master" back! I hate when patrick is gone for business for long periods of time. That sunset was simply stunning

  8. Beautiful Oliver...your daddy's home. Be sure to tell him about what a squirrel hunter you have become!!

  9. What a Beautiful sunset; you captured it well!
    Good to have your mate back home; now that squirrel story; I wold alos have gone to the heighbours.
    Gave a nice weekend.

  10. Your photo is great and I'm so glad you included a picture of Oliver at the end! Well, you didn't have MY camera, but you did just as good of a job, it's a beautiful picture!!! Thanks for the very kind words. I was reading all this to Phil, because I find it extremely amusing, when I started reading about ME! What a nice surprise! I have missed you, what have you been doing? You haven't posted in awhile! We laughed out loud when you said Ollie might have cared the squirrel to death!!

  11. Dogs are little beasts sometimes, aren't they? :) Glad everyone is back home and all can return to normal.

  12. Our dogs are the same way. They do pine for my husband when he is away. My husband says they do that when I am the one who is away.

  13. Oh, but Ollie is so cute!

  14. So sweet! Dogs are so loyal!

    I love a pretty sky and you saw a beauty! Thanks for sharing it!

  15. Oh boy, sounds like you had an interesting couple days! Glad everything is back to normal and the sunset is beautiful:@)

  16. Awwww, the picture of Ollie is priceless! Glad he's got his status quo back on track!

  17. It's always nice when they come home, isn't it? Mine gets in later today. The sunset is wonderful. I love that "the sun came out to set!" Hope you're having a great weekend! Here it couldn't be nicer weather.

  18. Oh! So I'm looking at Ginny's blog and admiring her pictures and sunsets and suddenly I see Ella! This must be Ella's other grandma?

  19. With your husband out of town, Oliver must have thought he needed to protect the homestead - LOL.

    Beautiful sunset - and it sure does look like a fall sunset.

  20. wow...fascinating cliks..your dog is sooooooo cute...nice post.
    Tasty Appetite

  21. That's so funny! Our dog, Cole, likes to find dead things in the woods snd roll in them...gross! Thankfully, he never brings anything home with him!
    I'm glad everyone is safe and happy at home now :)

  22. Those puppy dogs sure do miss their masters when they're gone! At least he didn't try to bring the squirrel into the house. :)

  23. Bless Oliver's heart. We have been out of town this weekend and our Willie is still at "camp" . I always worry he feels abandon. Bonnie

  24. Absolutely heart warming. There is nothing like the love of a loyal dog. Love the photo!

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  25. Beautiful sunset. Glad the baker had a safe trip.

  26. I loved your story of Oliver! Our dogs are such characters.As I sit here typing, Corey keeps coming and touching my leg. I know exactly what he wants. The sun is brilliant through the window and he wants me to go play with him in the garden. But it's so deceiving. The other side of the door, a gale is blowing and it's bitterly cold. So he must stay disappointed!
    Hugs June xx


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