Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Lady of the New Millennium and the Lira Ensemble

The Baker and I joined friends this past Sunday for an afternoon of Polish Christmas music by Chicago's Lira Ensemble.  The performance was at St. John the Evangelist Church in St. John, IN.  The Lira singers and orchestra were outstanding.  I wish I could have captured them and their music to share.  Although the audience was not told to refrain from taking photos, I thought it would be more respectful if I just listened and enjoyed.  I can share with you the beautiful Madonna that presently resides to the side of the church parking area.

Decades ago, at the age of nine, Carl Demma, a liquor store owner and devout Catholic from Oak Lawn,  said to his mother, "I will build a statue so big that all of Chicago will see her".  He was speaking of the Virgin Mary.  He saw that dream become a reality a little over ten years ago.

The statue is constructed of stainless steel, is approximately 33 feet tall and weighs 8, 400 pounds.  Knowing those facts, I did not expect to see such a lovely countenance.

The soft folds of her cloak.

Her open hands that seem so very welcoming.

Her gentle features.

Our Lady of the New Millennium will be moved down the gently sloping hill to the Shrine of Christ's Passion located on Rt. 41 as soon as a permanent spot is ready to welcome her.  


  1. Thank you for sharing these. She is beautiful and the detail is amazing, not what you would think of with steel!

  2. Your Lady of the New Millennium is amazing! Wow! She is amazing in scale and beauty.

    I'm like you, Bonnie... I think it is respectful 'not' to photograph sometimes. ;) Glad you enjoyed such a lovely afternoon with friends. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Good to know you had a good time and your ears were happy.

    This is truly a magnificent statue. So many years in the making in all sorts of ways. His vision finally came true and in such soft detail too. I hope they are careful moving it. What a gift to the city.

  4. The beauty of this is amazing. Certainly heavenly inspired.

  5. Hi Bonnie, I love to hear about Christmas traditions in other countries... I'll bet you really enjoyed hearing the Polish music...

    I'm amazed at that statue... Stainless steal???? Wow---the features are outstanding... I'm so impressed... Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Next time I visit my dad, maybe I will see her :)

  7. She is really beautiful, I totally agree with all your comments on her! But if she was finished ten years ago, why is it taking so long for a permanent place? Can they not decide where to put her?

  8. She is beautiful, and so graceful. Who knew stainless steel could look so lovely.

  9. She is beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful, holiday concert!

  10. My Big Little town is Lafayette. It's the closest one to me.

  11. She is truly lovely! Such beauty in her face. Bonnie

  12. What a lovely concert, Bonnie. And the statue is truly beautiful. The fine detail in the fabric, face and hands is extraordinary!

  13. A beautiful post Bonnie! The statue of the Virgin Mary looks gorgeous! I bet it is stunning in real life, especially when you see the size of it.
    Happy Christmas Hugs
    June xx

  14. Wow, she is beautiful, breath-taking in fact. How neat to enjoy this with your friends. Great post

  15. I love going to concerts like that!

    Maybe your readers can hear a snipet from this link:



  16. She is so beautiful and imposing.
    REally enjoyed reading there are still have devout people in this world.

  17. It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely afternoon of Christmas music. The statue of Mary is so beautiful, and I can imagine how impressive it is at 33 feet tall. I would love to see it on a future trip to Chicago.

  18. Hi Bonnie,
    Glad you had a good time!
    Our Lady is beautiful! One of the most magnificent I have ever seen!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  19. Bonnie, she is beautiful... You are welcome at my home any time... Sending Christmas wishes back at you and your family


  20. She is majestic and her presence brings peace to even those who are viewing her via the Internet.


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