Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthday Celebration #3

Sometimes my dear friends and January birthday celebrants express the wish that we had been born in the warmth of a summer month.  We always have a concern that we might have to postpone winter celebrations because of the weather.  In the 20-plus years that we've gathered for our party, I can't remember not making it to the party for any of us.  We've managed, through rain, sleet, snow and frigid temperatures to meet and enjoy saluting one another.

We used to meet at a restaurant but found that we wanted to linger much longer than that venue comfortably allowed.  I don't recall exactly when we started alternating being the hostess but it has worked very well.  This year we converged on Diamond Farm and the warmth of our friend's hospitality.  The thermometer registered the outside temperature at 7 degrees.  It was toasty inside, warmed by friends and a crackling fire.

Our lunch was so delicious that I completely focused on savoring it and forgot to photograph the dishes. My friend's husband had made a delicious turkey meatloaf that contained sweet potatoes.  I think I'm going to suggest he start his own blog!!  The farm produces corn and soybeans so it was appropriate that the side dish be corn pudding.  Not just any corn pudding--a spectacular corn pudding.  A leafy green salad dressed with pomegranate nicely rounded out the plate.

The cake was prepared for us at a patisserie.  It was coconut with a lemon curd filling.  Delicious!

Flowers, with a backdrop of snow outside the window, were delicate and lovely.

And then we turned our attention to the party craft.  Our good friend (and non-January birthday girl) is a gifted artist who lives on Chicago's north side.  She is our birthday guest and always arrives with a project for us after lunch.  We've done stamping, collages, books and now these charming paper dolls.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you'll find old lace, buttons plucked from a collection of hundreds, ribbons and doilies festooning these paper dolls whose torsos are seed packets.  Very clever!

As I drove home, the sun was setting on a truly warm and wonderful day.