Friday, January 28, 2011

Gourmet--To Be or Not To Be?

I've been working to put simpler meals on our table for awhile now.  That can be quite a challenge--not in the preparation, but in coming up with something that meets the delicious requirement as well.  Should I move on to more challenging menus?  For awhile?  Yes?  No?  

This two volume set of The Gourmet Cookbook has been sitting on the shelf for awhile.  They were a gift from a dear neighbor when we moved from Charleston, S.C.--over two decades ago.  I think one reason they've been shelved for so long is the fact that they are in the old Gourmet style.  The style of not separating the ingredients from the instructions.  Many times I didn't read closely enough and would get to a crucial point in a recipe and realize I didn't have an important ingredient.  Lately, they've been calling to me.  Do they want to be read?  Used?  Dusted?


Would you like a recipe for Woodchuck Stew?  Creamed Woodchuck?  Mutton Hash with Sausages?  Charlotte Russe?  Charlotte de Pommes?  English Roly-Poly Suet Pudding?  There's even Corn Bread For Northerners Only!!

Or, should I just stick with simple?

Have a great weekend!!