Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome to My Garden

The temperature is 67 degrees this morning.  No, the snow isn't melting.  I've just decided to go with the inside temperature for awhile.  It's amazing how that decision has perked me up!!  And, to get even further into the "perky" mode, I've spent the morning gardening.  A little brown leaf plucked off here.  A stake added there.  And little words of encouragement everywhere.

Welcome to my blogging and indoor garden room!

Orchids, bamboo, dried hydrangea and scarlet amaryllis on it's second blooming of the season all reside to the right of my computer desk.

I was pleasantly surprised when, just as the first blooming stalk was dying back, a second stalk ascended and opened to four more blossoms.

Rather than being added to the rubbish heap, the Ma Made can proudly holds this colorful little gem.

Have a beautiful weekend.  May the best team win!!