Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweetheart Shortbread

Take it from me and Mary over at One Perfect Bite, these shortbread cookies are the best!  Just as I have favorite cookbooks that I frequently take down from the shelf, I have favorite blogs that I visit daily and draw inspiration from and find recipes that are tried, true, adventuresome and delicious.  Mary's is a one-stop destination and I'm sending all of you over for the recipe for these perfect shortbread cookies.  Quite likely you have all the ingredients on hand.  They are quick to make and delicious to eat.  

When you get over to One Perfect Bite, just search out the January 16, 2010 post of the recipe.   You'll find the archive on the right.  I'm really doing you a favor by not knowing how to link directly to the recipe (I tried).  You'll find many entries to explore.  

The only "tweak" to the recipe came when I wanted pink icing and had no food coloring.  I used about a drop and a half (sorry, can't relate that any better) of beet juice.  You absolutely cannot taste beets!!!!!