Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Introducing "Wandering Wednesdays" and Cake with a Crunch

I wish that I had kept a cyberlog of how I met each and every one of you.  The first attraction for me was to food-related blogs.  Then I branched out into photography-related blogs.  Now I have many blogging friends with myriad talents and I enjoy them all.

I'd love to host a party right here in my home and introduce you to each another.  Since that isn't really possible (or, is it?), I'd like to take the opportunity to make the introductions by sharing your blogs from time to time on Wednesdays.  So, without further ado ~

Welcome to "Wandering Wednesday"

If you haven't met Monica at Lick the Bowl Good, you are in for a delicious treat.  Not only is Monica an inventive and wonderful baker and cook, she's also a remarkable photographer.  My husband is grateful that I met Monica as well.  Andrew loves desserts and her recipes never fail to please. 

Monica's post on Sunday, Cake with a Crunch, said it was for those who " cake, coffee and chocolate-covered Heath toffee bits".  That would be me! 

                                                             Photo by Monica of Lick the Bowl Good      2011

Cake with a Crunch

If that would be you as well, please head on over for this recipe and many more that will have you tying on your apron and heating up your oven.