Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gilbert and Sullivan

Andrew and I played all weekend.  We watched an old Bette Davis movie at home.  "Now, Traveler" was excellent.  I've really started to enjoy her older movies.

On Sunday, we headed into Chicago (Hyde Park) to see "The Sorcerer".  

Every year, the University of Chicago Department of Music performs Gilbert and Sullivan in March.  "The Sorcerer" is one that we haven't seen.  It was the first full-length work for the pair and was successful enough to encourage them to produce their next piece, "H.M.S. Pinafore".  While it didn't leave me humming any of the tunes, it was a fine production and we enjoyed the afternoon of fun and frolic on stage.

Mandel Hall was filled to capacity by an appreciative crowd.

Looking toward the theater from the front entrance.  We didn't stop for Jamba Juice.

The gateway, protected by a number of gargoyles, to the Main Quad

Parking is plentiful if you ride your bike.  We didn't.

After the theater, we went to Le Petite Folie nearby.

We sipped a tasty Haut-Medoc.

My entree was beef parmentier with mashed yukon gold potatoes.

Dessert was sunshine in a bowl topped with pink guava sorbet.  Delicious!

It's always nice to be in close proximity to that bastion of higher education!!