Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wandering Wednesday/Chicken Picadillo w/Chili Lime Sauce

I used to pull out several cookbooks each Thursday and plan our meals.  I still do that but, as often as not, my inspiration comes from my blogging community.  Mary, over at One Perfect Bite has been responsible for a number of new dishes on our table.  I consider her my 365-day-a-year inspiration.  

When I found this recipe for Chicken Picadillo with Chili Lime Sauce, I knew it had to spice up our table.  Even though I've had a crock pot for years, I've rarely used it.  Recently, I've seen a number of delicious looking recipes that utilize the slow cooking method and am slowly become a slow cooker fan.

The flavors of this dish wafted through the house for hours, teasing us with the good taste to come.  I even did the tortilla "bowls".   In fact, I didn't change a thing in this recipe so click on the link and head over to Mary's.  If this is your first visit, don't go hungry!!