Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple Walnut Loaf Cake--Charcoaled

Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sit down and let me tell you about my day.  As you all know, I've had a continuing saga of not being able to access my (once) main e-mail server.  This has gone on for over three weeks now and entailed more phone time than I care to think about.  Last night, I found I could not even access the internet.  I couldn't check my new gmail.  I couldn't check in on all of you before bed.  I couldn't take a last look at the Chicago Tribune before turning in.  I was beyond frustrated and, of course, made that phone call.  The first tier person said "you have a provisioning error".  Wow!  They'd get right on it and call back in an hour or tomorrow morning.  They didn't.  I called back this morning and was told it was being "worked on".  

While I waited, I decided to clean out my desk and bake a nice little loaf cake for dinner.  I measured and chopped and stirred and popped it into the oven.  Then, annoyed, I got back on the phone while continuing the desk cleanout.  The smoke alarm went off.  I knew there was no fire and reset it.  Five minutes later, it went off again.  The "service person" asked if there was a problem.  "Yes, my computer isn't working.  Don't worry about that alarm."  In between being transferred to different levels of service and back again, the alarm continued it's incessant wailing at five-minute intervals.  I juggled the phone to my ear and the broom handle to press the "reset" button quite well.  Then I was told that they would have the problem fixed by next Tuesday at 8 p.m.!!!!!  This is one of the largest internet providers in the country!!!!  

The smoke alarm went off again.  What IS WRONG?  This....

My lovely cake burned badly because I set the oven temperature to 450 instead of 350!   So much for multi-tasking.

As I lamented the charcoaled cake, my lack of internet service and the state of my not-nearly-cleaned-out desk, I passed the front door and saw....

...right next door!  I rushed out onto the porch and sweetly called out "are you fixing my internet problem?"!!  The young man on the ground looked a bit puzzled but asked what was wrong.  I tried to explain the last three weeks in a dozen words or less but failed.  He asked how many lights I saw on the modem.  While I was still scratching my head, he bounded up the front steps and said he'd take a look.  

My friends, he had the entire problem fixed (I hope) in less than five minutes!  I now have internet and can access my e-mail.

I would tell you what the problem was but it would not bode well for the image you have of me--intelligent, sophisticated, savvy.  Maybe I'll tell you some day.

If any of you want the charred Apple Walnut Loaf Cake recipe, let me know.