Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drizzly Day, Donuts and Sardines-A Letter to My Son

Dear Stefan:

Dad and I headed north on Halsted Ave. this morning.  As you can see it was a drizzly and gray first day of spring.  Guess where we were headed.  Nightwood!!!!!   

Not much traffic and lots of on-street parking with no "out-sourced" parking meters in sight.

In your honor, we shared the bacon butterscotch donut.  It was just as good as the one we shared with you last summer.  For the briefest moment, I thought about trying to bring you one.  I decided not to even try.  Sorry!

Dad had an omelet filled with Illinois venison.  I had....

...wood grilled Galician sardines in spot prawn and white truffle broth with a perfectly poached egg.  They were delicious!  No, the heads didn't bother me.  Yes, those are the famous Nightwood "tots" in the background.

Now we are hoping to watch Purdue beat Virginia Commonwealth University.  Dad thought I might give my loyalty to VCU.  Not a chance.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Elyssa in a few days.