Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Owning Up To My Shortcomings

They say that confession is good for the soul.  Without beating around the bush, I'll come right out with my revelation.  I cannot make a pie crust.  There!  Can I bake a cherry pie?  Yes, quicker than a......well, you know.  The crust that holds it together needs to be pre-made, pre-frozen, pre-anything other than put together by me.  I have been given fool-proof recipes from amazing pie makers.  I have everything one would need to make a perfect crust.  That includes several types of rolling pins.

My confession is leading to my daughter-in-love's post today.  One day for lunch in New Bedford, she prepared an absolutely delicious butternut squash quiche for us.  The crust was so good.  And, lucky girl, she could approach that pie crust without fear of having to live up to her mother-in-law's reputation as a pie crust maker.

I snapped this photo while we were at lunch in Newport.  Little did I know that I'd probably captured "the thermos".  To check out the thermos reference and the piecrust, check in with "Fancy" today.