Friday, April 15, 2011

President Obama and I....

...were in Chicago on Thursday.  He was in a motorcade.  I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Dan Ryan.  He didn't have any problem parking.  I did.  He was there to raise money.  I was there to spend money.

I don't know his itinerary.  My first stop was for breakfast--an omelet at Fox and Obel.  Then I picked up lots of bread to restock the bread freezer.  Yes, we have a bread freezer.  Don't ask!

Next stop (with a parking space right in front--woohoo!) Vanille Patisserie

Choose two?  Is it possible?

Another look.  I ended up choosing two pastries, a half dozen macaroons and a few croissants.  After all, I had battled traffic.

Next stop--Whole Foods.  At least a dozen of these tangerines hopped into a bag and then into my cart.

Who could resist these "conventional Lyon" artichokes?  I thought, as artichokes go, they looked rather unconventional.

I then purchased a large cup of Intelligentsia coffee for the drive home.  I zipped out of town on the Dan Ryan waving to those heading into the city with their brake lights showing!!

I never laid eyes on the president.