Saturday, April 16, 2011


For those of you who read my post yesterday, move on.  For those of you who didn't, no backtracking!!

Here are the desserts we had with our after dinner coffee last evening.  Yes, we drink caffeine late in the day.  While I would love to give you the recipes, I promised my dear Aunt Sister (remember, I'm from the south and we all have an "Aunt Sister") that I would never divulge the secret family recipes.  Just like Colonel Sanders and the man who came up with the formula for Coca-Cola (Co-Cola back home) formula, Aunt Sister was fiercely protective of her recipes.

Enjoy with your eyes!

My dessert is made up of a genoise layered with coconut cream and homemade strawberry jam.  It is topped with an exotic "southern" fruit and I can't remember the name.  It comes from further south than I do!  That little chocolate "topper" was most difficult to get right.

The Baker has tried twisting my arm for the recipe for his serving of a dark chocolate genoise layered and topped with a mocha buttercream and a candied coffee bean on top.  I did not give in!

DISCLAIMER:  On the off chance that any one of you believed me, I don't really have an Aunt Sister and I didn't make these lovely pastries.   I do have Vanille Patisserie, 2229 N. Clybourn in Chicago.  If you're in the neighborhood and possess a degree of willpower,  stop in.