Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jamestown, Rhode Island

I was back in New England (most of the time I wasn't sure which state I was in) last week for my "do-over" vacation.  This time the landscape was greening, the lilacs and forsythia were blooming and I was hale and hardy.

These two--our reason for going--were able to take some time off work and spent four wonderful days with us at our hotel.  They also acted as tour guides and chauffeurs.

We went back to this tasty little restaurant in Jamestown, R.I. for lunch.  It was the scene of my first meal in New England when I went a few years ago to look at wedding venues for our son and his bride-to-be's wedding.

At that first visit, I was picked up at the airport and whisked off to Slice of Heaven where we had a delicious al fresco lunch.  At the end of the meal, Stefan purchased a chocolate hazelnut gelato (only one) for the road.  The ladies said "no, no--we're full" which was a big mistake.  It was the best I've had.  Sweet boy had been thoughtful enough to pick up several spoons.

Alas, even though the tree postings said they had gelato, it was too early in the season.

However, I did have a perfectly rendered salade nicoise to enjoy before heading on to Newport.