Sunday, June 26, 2011

Farmer's Market and the Answer to What Plant Killed Lincoln's Mother

First, an answer to the question of what plant killed Lincoln's mother.  Thanks to Mary of One Perfect Bite, you won't have to wait until I read the book to find that snakeroot was the culprit.  Mother Lincoln probably fell victim after eating meat or drinking milk from cows that had eaten the plant.  Snakeroot caused milk sickness and was a serious problem for pioneers and homesteaders.  

Last Sunday, we made an early morning visit to the farmer's market at Jack London Square in Oakland, California.  It was the beginning of a sunny day and the waterfront was bustling with boaters and shoppers.  

I saw one family leave the market, laden with bags, and head for their boat.  I imagined them sailing off to a nearby small island or inlet for a day of fishing, swimming, sunning--whatever a family does on a lovely summer's day.

These bags of mixed salad greens and edible flowers were so enticing and only $5.00 each.

When we saw the berries, we knew that some would come back to our hotel.  What a good idea as they proved to taste as good as they looked--sweet and juicy.

Perfect vegetables and mounds of cherries.

Crusty breads!  We decided to purchase a loaf of the fig bread and some cheese to go along with our fruit.  Now if we only had a boat!!

Wandering along, we came upon Miette.  I had read about this bakery some time ago but had released it from memory.

Oh joy!!

What to choose?

Andrew and Adam make careful selections.

Even without a boat, it was a perfectly wonderful day in the bay!!