Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Cows and "The Birds"

Andrew and I had a few California days on our own while Adam went to a meeting in Seattle.  We pondered what to do and I, with fond recall, suggested that we head north to where U.S. 101 and U.S. 1 split near Marin City.  That we then head north on U.S. 1.  U.S. 1 that winds it's way along the rugged Pacific coast in two-lane, meet-yourself-coming-and-going fashion.  

The traffic was light, very light, and the vistas were breathtaking--literally!  I kept holding my breath and finally said "LET ME DRIVE"--maybe I yelled it.  Yes, I'm one of those people who like to be behind the wheel and in control in perilous conditions.

Of course, that meant I had to pull over to really enjoy the scenery.

Resting in tasty grasses.

The population was mostly cows with a few houses every ten miles or so.  The cows, as the commercial says, appeared to be very contented.

Ambling along with the blue Pacific to the left.

Being taking for a walk?!

We gingerly turned back at Point Reyes Lighthouse (it was closed) and headed to our (well, really my) destination.  First we had to eat and we found a restaurant, The Tides Wharf, and took a chance.  It turned out to be a very good choice.  There was a gift shop (not always a good sign when attached to a restaurant) and a fish market attached.  I longed to leave with a purchase from the fish market but had no way to prepare the "catch".  We peeked in the gift shop and saw beautiful stained glass depicting seascapes.

I chose a dungeness crab sandwich on sour dough (the only other options were white or wheat) that turned out to be delicious.  The crab was lightly napped with a good mayonnaise, a sprinkling of chives and nothing else.  It was generously slathered on the pretty good bread.  The cole slaw was one of the best I've ever had.

Andrew's red snapper tacos were treated to a fittingly mild salsa and served with a side of the cole slaw.
They were delicious as well.  We sipped a very nice Pinot Grigio while overlooking....

Bodega Bay.  The charming town chosen by Alfred Hitchcock in which to film "The Birds".  To my amazement, I found that Andrew has never seen the film.  I think I'll take care of that soon as I want to see it again.  Maybe we'll recognize parts of the town.

Hmm, a leftover "cast" member?

It was a very nice day.