Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Note on La Note

I feel I owe it to you, my friends, to fill you in on our eating adventures in California.  We were able to cross off a few restaurants on our list that were new to us.  La Note, in downtown Berkeley, has been on the list for a few years.  It was time to check it out.

The day was California perfect.  Sun dappled sidewalks.  A slight warm breeze riffling leaves on trees.  Brilliant orange, red and magenta bougainvillea draped over doorways and gateways.  Colorful flowers cascaded from planters.  

La Note is a bit of Provence deposited in an 1875 storefront in the heart of downtown Berkeley.  One steps inside on well-worn hardwood floors.  The front door was open and a cool breeze wafted through the room.  Lovely aromas wafted from the kitchen.

We both started with a bowl of tomato soup.  It was slightly garlicky and slightly creamy.  The toasted crouton was topped with a generous portion of parmesan and sprinkled with chopped parsley.  I have a goal to try and reproduce it for our table.

We shared a charcuterie and cheese platter that was pretty much perfection.  The plate was filled with a creamy pate, garlicky sausage, French ham, cornichon, a lovely brie, St. Andre triple cream cheese, and two others I cannot name.  A perfectly ripened pear and grapes were alongside.  A crusty loaf and a jar of mustard made us happy munchers.

An open window to the street.

La Note will remain on our list of places to dine next time.