Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Wow, what a Wednesday.  The high was a balmy 74 degrees.  I've had a busy week--well, if you can count Monday and Tuesday as a week.  Maybe I should just say "so far".  It seemed fair to treat myself to an afternoon off and join two friends for a late lunch.

We met up at Lucrezia's Ristorante and found an outside table.

I love these colorful umbrellas on the back patio.

Our umbrella is my favorite shade of blue.  I want to paint my whole house this color.  It would mean buying all new furniture and accessories though.

The courtyard is beautiful.  There was an ever so gentle breeze--just enough to keep the bugs away.  We were so busy talking that I forgot to take any more photos.  We shared an order of bruschetta and I had a delicious calamari salad.  It was a nice interlude.

Andrew and Oliver stayed home to watch the rest of the women's soccer match--the U.S. and France.  When I left, the score was 3-1 U.S.!  Go team!

This is our television.  It's not a flat screen.  In fact, it's not really ours.  Our younger son left it here when he went to college (at least I think it was college).  Possession is 9/10s of the law.  At least I've heard that's true.  It's our only television.  I dread the day we have to replace it.  I may have to rent a geek to help us figure out what kind we'll be needing.